Sheet Music for Instrumental Ukulele

Download & Print Transcriptions by

Bertrand Le Nistour

Download a “Legend” for uke tabs. (Explains what all the symbols are)

Stay tuned for more to come to this page!

Download & Print a PDF of Corey’s version of Chet Atkins “Smokey Mountain Lullabye” for ukulele.

Check out the full version of this song and more on Corey’s new album Fables-
Corey Album Art 2-21

Huge Mahalo to Bertrand Le Nistour for freely sharing his time and skill in transcribing these pieces for us!

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  1. Hi, thank you for all the great content on this site and Aaron’s tutorials on YouTube. I had one question, was there ever a tab made for Ka’au Crater Boys’s ‘You Don’t Write’, the solo part?

  2. Hey – you guys (probably some gals working there too) ROCK! I’ve played guitar for 4 years and own 12. Fanatic who started playing at age 64. Then my wife got the idea of getting a uke. I humored her – true love doncha know. So I found a YT vid of Kalei comparing strings and put it on for HER. A few bars into the comparison I exclaimed out loud, “That’s a uke?”
    I converted at that moment in July 2017. Still play guitar but now my wife and I have 12 ukes (3 sopranos, 2 concerts, 4 tenors, 2 baritones, banjolele [hmmm…] and guitalele) among us and love each and every one-like different children.
    I have begun learning Kalei’s song, Corey’s versions of both Chet Atkins songs, Kalei’s Kiss from a Rose, etc.
    So THANKS – for changing our lives forever and opening my eyes to the wonderful world of uke music.

  3. Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for all you made with your team (review, podcast, lesson, etc.).
    The new release of theukulelereview is really nice and it’s pretty cool to have access to the differents techniques and lessons (thanks for remake links also šŸ™‚ ).
    Thanks for your high end quality videos, it’s very usefull for learn new songs šŸ™‚ (thanks to you, i can play Kalei’s the unknow and some more songs from your vimeo )
    You are truly inspirational and a great help for play ukulele.
    I know that it take a lot of time for make all this things, so :
    Thank you.

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