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In this podcast Kalei shows us a few ways to jump into improvising or soloing with your ukulele. He’s playing his Kamaka HF-3DC with a D’addario Pro Arte high G set.

Also find the podcast on itunes here –

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if you want to try doing some basic ukulele setup work to improve the feel and tone of your ukulele, then this might help.

Click the link below to see other episodes covering various uke topics and featuring different builders and players. We also have another setup podcast there covering various issues and talking with the full setup team.

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Tobias is an awesome ukulele player from Denmark. We are super glad to share his talents and thoughts with you. He goes over some of the different styles he plays so smoothly.

Thanks to Tobias for coming by and sharing. Learn more about him at his website –

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In this session we get to know Washington Luthier Zacchaeus Steimle. Zac is the sole builder of the Oceana ukulele. We have been getting them for the last few years and they look and sound wonderful! We occasionally have one at our store –

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We didn’t plan this interview but Abe happened to stop by today and I was ready to take a break for an hour and record some tunes and have this chat with one of my favorite musicians and close friends.

Abe is an amazing musician and we feature him a number of times here at The Review. Learn more about Abe and follow his evolution at

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From woods, to sizes, to brands and strings, here is a chance to listen, read, and join in on the conversation.

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