Ukulele @ NAMM 2018

We will keep adding to these videos here as we release them. More to come soon. Aloha! One more coming along with many more videos from this years NAMM. As I have time. Mahalo for watching and check back here for more in the coming weeks.


Episode 21 – String Comparison with Thomas Streng

Thomas Streng from Germany stopped by and we got to know him and jam some too. We also do a string comparison half way through. Enjoy! The new Ko’olau Aho FLuorocarbon strings are HERE

Episode 20 – Ron Kualaau & Zanuck Lindsey

Ron and Zanuck play a few songs from their new album and then Zanuck shares some thoughts for growing as an ukulele player. Find the album on itunes here. I did a video with Zanuck a while back on looping that you can find here. and we also did a bunch of other videos with Zanuck along with his band …

Episode 19B – Joe Souza of Kanile’a – Hawaii Reforestation Project

I forgot to upload this one to iTunes but we did a video. Kanile’a is one of our favorite and best selling brands. Founder Joe Souza goes over some details with us on his ranch on the Big Island and the challenges of the islands and endemic species. Se Kanile’a at our featured builder page HERE.

Episode 19 – Humidity & More

Humidity levels are commonly very misunderstood. Hopefully some of the stuff we talk about here will help you get a better handle on all the factors and some of the options for rectifying common problems. Here are some other articles here on this subject. WHAT EVERY UKULELE PLAYER SHOULD KNOW ABOUT HUMIDITY UKULELE HUMIDIFICATION TOOLS CARING FOR YOUR UKULELE

Episode 18 – Neil Chin

Neil is a friend of ours that we have gotten to do sound samples in the past. More than that though, he stays with us at NAMM, I’ve asked him more than a few times to move back to Hawaii and work with us. He’s a bro. And he’s a great player. We chat here and, honestly I could hardly …

Episode 16 – Pat Megowan

Pat was visiting Hawaii and impressed us with a few great ukes. Here's an interview and some sound samples with mainland builder Pat Megowan.