Styles/ Techniques/ Theory

Claw Hammer Technique

Tobias Elof goes over this technique with us.

Sheet Music & Tabs To James Hill “Assam / Like a Bird
Here a HI Sessions recording of James playing this original piece with his DaSilva signature tenor and his wife Anne, impressively on cello-
One way to get better on ukulele is to listen to great ukulele players. Discover fantastic music at James Hill Website.

Advanced Techniques with Imua Garza

Imua is one of the most amazing artists and producers in the islands. He recorded the backing tracks to this original song minutes before I arrived and plugged into my little zoom 8 track with his Ko’olau T100 and LR Baggs pickup. Plus I live miked the room. First video shows the song and in the next three he shows some of those cool tricks. Enjoy!

A Few Lessons w/ the Late, Great, Todd Adamski

Todd always had a unique and wonderful way of showing things. These lessons give helpful shapes and harmonies that are useful and movable.

Some older ones that might be helpful

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  1. It is so great to have all this fantastic information in one place, and well organized. Thanks!

  2. Love these videos too! I’ve focused more on Aaron’s tutorials, but these have been very helpful in learning more styles and techniques.

  3. Love the new site. Have not been here for sometime, since I bought my uke from you folks last year.
    A great experience: from the research being able to hear the different models, all the free lessons and most of all was the setup. I love how you take the time to ensure the uke is good to go from day 1.
    Will certainly be back at the revamped site for tips and lessons and maybe even buy another uke, ( I think I need a tenor )

  4. After two and a half years of playing ukuleles, I have discovered that my skills hit plateaus and I make little progress before moving to the next level. These videos encourage me to press on. Thank you.

  5. These are great! Looking forward to trying a few of these techniques. Any plans for a slide uke demo?

    1. Post

      Good idea Jane. Gotta get Jason at U-Space to do that video. He does that well. Maybe at NAMM in January. I mean, if we could get Willie K. to give the lesson that would be most entertaining but Idk, he’s too big time for me to ask.

  6. The Hawaiian Feel! Yes! I’ve been wanting to play more in that style, but sometimes just listening isn’t enough. Thanks for the great video!

  7. A top notch ukulele resource website from a top notch ukulele shop!! I bought my first ukulele a little over a year ago from The Ukulele Site (a Pono MDT) and I have been addicted to playing it everyday since! Thank you for a great buying experience and thank you for continuing to provide support to your customers through this new website! Your artist videos, uke lessons and reviews are fantastic!

  8. So helpful to have the collection of instruction videos on one page! If you ever have the good fortune of being in Haliewa, do yourself a favor and stop by their shop. After spending time watching these instructional videos, you will be star struck by these humble characters in person!

  9. I am a basic strummer so it is so good to see these techniques to evolve into a better player with a better and more interesting sound. Thank you for providing these!! They are awesome and so helpful!

  10. Excellent tutorials. This is a section that could be expanded with more styles and technique. Well done.

  11. I’ve come to appreciate the content found on the Ukulele Review and this page is no different. The techniques are varied and represent a variety of styles that any player should be able to find what they’re looking for.

    As I’ve been practicing, I’ve realized that these techniques are not learned quickly, but take consistent practice to learn.

  12. Hello to You,
    this site is very helpful. Will you make some new Videos. Would be interessted in a Video which shows how I can use a Metronome and count on a piece to hold the rhythm and tempo constantly. And I would be interessted in two and/or three finger tremolo technique (fingerstyle).

    1. Post
  13. If it wasn’t for Aaron and the other great tutorials, I would have probably used my first uke as firewood. Hats off to you guys and your awesome lessons.

    Mahalo nui loa.

  14. WOW! What a treasure trove here. With free top notch sheet music and tutorials, who can complain?! I have been listening to albums by most of these folks and then wham, here is everything I need to learn a bunch of it. I also love that there is beginner through advanced material. It seems like many sites focus on beginners with little to nothing more. Keep it up!!

    I will be frequenting this site, but there is SO MUCH that I might accidentally miss new material when it is posted. Is there a way to add sorting? (such as by posting date, composer/arranger, etc.) Or at least include their post date somewhere in the list so it’s easy to scan for new material?

    1. Post
  15. I’m a newer ukulele player, but have been struggling with picking up fingerpicking for awhile now. Corey’s suggestions, particularly the pinky rest, has been a real help! Maybe after a bit more practice I can finally justify purchasing a banjolele…

  16. Being a rhythm guitar player, finger picking has always kind of intimidated me. When I started playing the ukulele I wanted to learn out to finger pick and have going the instructional videos here very helpful ….. It’s actually not so intimidating after all.

    I bought my first ( and for now, only) ukulele on Craig’s List but will get my next upgrade at The Uke Site and am looking coward to their famous set up. Thanks for all the info guys!!

  17. Todd Adamski was an amazing ukulele player and generous teacher. He truly embodied the Aloha spirit.

  18. Love this site-it’s my “go to” before buying anything and most of my ukes have been acquired through HMS either by myself directly or from previous owners who had purchased from them. Reviews, videos, podcasts, you name it, all serve to further the education of uke players around the world. The effort put in by Andrew and his team is highly valued and very much appreciated.

  19. Tobias Elof has a really great teaching style that manages to make people of all skill levels feel comfortable. So it’s great to see his tutorials here!

  20. Fantastic job on the redesigned/reliable web site. The layout is great with all the content now within easy reach. Now to work my way through all the content and improve my skills to take advantage of it!!

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