Ukulele -The New Guitar! – A Pepe Romero Review

Here, Pepe Romero has shrunk a classical guitar! And, they would compete with guitars in the low mid frequency range where most ukes are non existent. Yet there is a crystal clean articulation, and even a reverberated sustain that comes out as you attack the higher range. It reminds me of the high notes on a grand piano.

Not many people can say they own a Pepe Romero ukulele. But within less than two years they have gotten a lot of notoriety. Some musicians owning a Pepe Romero ukulele that you may have heard of include, Daniel Ho, Jake Shimabukuro, Eddie Vedder, Paula Fuga, and Jack Johnson. Ever heard of them?

So, how do I feel about Pepe Romero’s ukuleles?


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