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Free Beginner to Advanced Ukulele Education
Adapted for various levels, styles, and platforms in which they can be viewed. Given with Aloha from the Hawaii Music Supply Team & friends.

How hard is it to play Ukulele?

We often get this question. How hard is it to learn to play? or How long does it take to learn uke? I have often seen Mike answers that question by teaching people right on the spot. In only a few minutes! .

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The Baritone Ukulele - Review & Chord Chart

The main reason you would want a baritone ukulele is because it sounds so dang good. It is significantly smaller than a guitar but still gives you a similar depth and color...

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Super Mario Bros Theme Tutorial

If you're under the age of 40, you've probably played this video game and have heard this tune many times. The cool thing is, it's in the perfect range to play on the ukulele, and when you get it down you are sure to put a smile on someones face. .

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Aaron Crowell

Aaron gives us a lot to work on but does so in a relaxed and comprehensive manner. Many thousands have benefited from Aaron's style of teaching. Spend some time here and see why-

Along with lessons at the Beginner page there is also these-

Aaron's Tutorials

Imua Garza’s Unique Techniques-

Imua was gigging at 7 years old and on CD at the age of 11! He led The Opihi Pickers through his teenage years and has more recently been recording and producing some of the islands best.

Get the breakdown from Imua on these amazing styles shown in this video-

Imua's Tutorials

Corey’s Tutorials

Play Like Jake! (well, you can try) Plus Corey also teaches easy uke standards like these.

Link below has Corey's more advanced tutorials-

Corey's Tutorials

Kalei Gamiao

Right down the road from us there is an AMAZING MUSICIAN!! Check out this kid, a must for all uke lovers!

Learn Kiss From a Rose from Kalei-

Kalei's Tutorials