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Ko’olau Redwood/ Milo Strikes Again

Here is a look and listen to a new Ko’olau that our friend Eric ordered from us about 10 months back. He kindly awaited.I snapped a few shots after Noa built the body-

We rarely will have a Ko’olau available. But we do regularly get gorgeous ones like this for customers that ordered on our website or in the store. Though waiting for a custom order can require a painful amount of patience, it’s totally worth the wait! Eric, you’ll be in ukulele heaven soon! 😀

Thanks for tuning in, share your thoughts below. Click on the images for more pics & Specs.

Corey Samples

Then Kimo stops by today!

Aloha friends. A hui ho!

Better than Koa?- A Look at the Ko’olau CS Redwood/Milo Tenor~

Once in a great while Ko’olau will get their hands on some of this precious wood indigenous to the Hawaiian Islands. MILO has been highly valued for many years here in Hawaii. To the ancient Hawaiians it was the most valuable wood used for furniture, paddles, and bowls, and was and was used by the Kings more than any other tree. This dazzling Hawaiian wood is in VERY limited supply and has the most wonderful deep tones you could wish for. The dimension of colors is truly a testament to the beauty of gods creation! And the sound…wow! Of course it doesn’t hurt that it has a Redwood top. If you did not already know, Redwood has an astounding resonance and is arguably the best soundboard wood money can buy. It sounds how it looks, warm and rich, with beautiful harmonic overtones; a perfect match to the natural bright tones of the tenor ukulele. Ko’olau finishes with a striking nitro cellulose finish taken to under three thousandths of an inch so as not to hinder the open tone of the wood…
The CS is the newest body shape and incarnation from Ko’olau. It It has a slight radius to the neck for more comfortable chording. It also has a “cooler” more modern look than the traditional Martin style shape that Ko’olau has been known for. Noa Bonk is the mastermind luthier behind the new design and bracing. Whatever he did, it was right on. Because this ukulele sounds extraordinary!
[vimeo 22477308]