Ko’olau Redwood/ Milo Strikes Again

Here is a look and listen to a new Ko’olau that our friend Eric ordered from us about 10 months back. He kindly awaited.I snapped a few shots after Noa built the body-

We rarely will have a Ko’olau available. But we do regularly get gorgeous ones like this for customers that ordered on our website or in the store. Though waiting for a custom order can require a painful amount of patience, it’s totally worth the wait! Eric, you’ll be in ukulele heaven soon! 😀

Thanks for tuning in, share your thoughts below.

Corey Samples

Then Kimo stops by today!

Aloha friends. A hui ho!

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  1. Nice CS….Corey and Kimo doing the sound samples too…nice!

    I think Noa is one of the best right now…the tone and the fit and finish so nice
    Congrats Eric

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