How to string your ukulele

Removing Strings

➊ Unwind from tuning key until string is able to be pulled out freely.

➋ Push string through bridge hole to create to create relief on the knot.

➌Undo knot and remove string.

Stringing the Uke

➊Insert string through bridge hole from the side closest to the sound hole, and pull through at least a few inches. NOTE – (make sure you got the right string). 4g 3c 2e 1a

➋Wrap the short side that you just put through the bridge hole around the long side of the string, then wrap it around itself twice (or once on the C and E string).  Hold the short side pointing down against the bridge and pull the long end tight until locked.

➌Set the tuners, or tuning keys, with the holes pointing towards the top and center of the headstock.

➍Take the long end of the string and put it through the correct nut slot and pull until taught(do not put through nut slot yet). Pinch string where it enters the nut slot and pull back a distance of 2 frets, creating relief.

➎Insert string through tuner from the inside and wrap string around the tuner head once over the excess string and then under until tight. Tune to pitch!

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  1. What gauge steel string do you use for the “C”? Mine sounds kinda dead so I would like to try a steel just on the C. I have a Luna Tattoo concert uke. would you recommend against it or do you find the tone a bit better?


    1. Wound C is typically an aluminum .036-.038. It’s not very common with Concert but can be used. The wound gives a punchier tone for sure, Thanks, Andrew

  2. I want to change my Island Tenor ukulele to low G tuning but am not sure how to tune it. Can I still use my electric tuner or do I need to do something else?

    1. You tune it the same but one octave lower. You can still use your electronic tuner as long as it’s a chromatic tuner.

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