Ukulele Review – Koolau C100 Myrtle wood

This myrtle wood concert is quite a beauty. It looks like a very light curly koa with different color textures. This uke was not as boomy as it’s tenor big brother we had in recently, but it has a wonderful warm balance of tones. Of course, like always with Ko’olau, the construction on this concert ukulele is immaculate. The inside looks very clean. The finish is a perfect flat nitrocellulose satin with no pits or imperfections, and because Ko’olau attaches their neck after finishing the heel joint is the cleanest you will find. (when the instrument is finished with the neck on their is sometimes a build up in that corner joint). All in all – This is a unique and professional Hawaiian made concert ukulele. Ready to be loved and strummed.

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