Pono Pro-Classic Tenor Mahogany – MHT – Nick Sierra demo

The new Pono Pro Classic series is providing the ukulele market with an instrument that is equal in quality to high end custom instruments, and still staying in the 5-700 dollar range including an archtop tolex covered wood hardshell case. The Pono Pro line comes in a cedar/rosewood, the RT, the mahogany in the video – MHT, available with a Spruce top as a MHST, and also with a spruce/maple version -MPT. Each model only comes in tenor size and is offered with a slot headstock (add SH on any of the model numbers), and a passive pickup system (add -E to any model). The Pono line just keeps getting better and better in tone and build quality. These are some of the finest ukulele ever made. Check out our store to learn more or call us at (808)-622-8000

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