Kala U-Bass – Koolau CE – and the Korg Kaossilator – A unique looping scenario~

An exclusive for TheUkuleleReview ~ This is the first video I shot with myself doing the demo. It wasn’t  planned from the musical side……. but I’m putting it out there so you can see a rare and fun setup. The Kala U-Bass loops through the kaossilator along with a beat. Then I grab the Ko’olau CE tenor ukulele and play through the Redwitch pedals.  It is all setup to hang up one instrument and grab another. If you like to make noise like me, this is a blast that will take you into a time warp where hours  disappear without you realizing. We sell the Kaossilator pro for $399. It is a ribbon synth that can play keyboard, trumpet and all kinds of sounds. You can pick the key and scale and solo along with yourself with your feet! Way cool. I discovered this when we first got these new Korgs. It is meant for a DJ and is setup with RCA ins and out, but a simple adapter and it is quarter inch ready. I have never seen anyone else do this, though I’m sure someone else has.  There is a lot to this little machine, give me a call or email for more info.

The Kala U-Bass would get my award for best new instrument on the market. More from the U-Bass to come!

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