10 ukuleles under $200 – Sound Sample and review

Even people with really expensive ukuleles need something less expensive to take around, or leave on the couch, and recently I have been amazed at how affordable a good ukulele can be. We took ten ‘ukulele, three under $100, and seven under $200, and gave you a video/audio sample of what can be yours for…..well lets just say you might not even have to ask your wife.

Luna is a guitar company that goes beyond the norm in terms of style and design. They are now making quality ukes in the $69-$299 range with really cool laser engraving(like the two in the video) and abalone inlay. The all solid ovankal concert and tenor  cutaway with pickup are a great value in the $300 range. The two ‘ukulele in the video come in well under $100 with a gig bag and have been flying off the shelf faster than we can keep them in stock. There are some new ones on their way in the concert size with the design you see on the pineapple Tattoo model. Those will be a really cool concert size for under $100!!

Kala is one of our best selling ukulele brands because the value is there. It plays well. The neck feels good, the setup and intonation are almost always on point. For a relatively inexpensive instrument, we always feel confident selling them and knowing that

Package deals available

it will be good to learn on, and beyond. The Kala line ranges from around $50-$300 and has really raised the bar on this price range. From the video you see and hear the KA-C for $91, KA-T for $101, KA-SSTU for $145, KA-SSTU-C for $155, and KA-SSTU-T for $165. The KA-C has been one of our best sellers for years. You can get it with a case and all the accessories and shipping for well under $200. More recently the exotic mahogany series (EM) has come out. These ukes look great and are only a few bucks away from the standard mahogany series. Soprano is $87, Concert- $100, Tenor(seen in the picture and video) is $120. The thin body kala is a solid spruce top uke at just under 2″ in depth. They always suprise people with their projection and come with a very padded gig bag at a pretty nice price – KA-SSTU for $145, KA-SSTU-C for $155, and KA-SSTU-T for $165.  Sweet deals from Kala!

Fender really needs no introduction, in fact I’m not even gonna bother putting their logo because it has been etched into our minds for many years already. In the ukulele world,  the Fender NoHea Tenor, with its flashy koa looks and stylin’ tele headstock, is one of the best options in this price range. It is a laminate Hawaiian koa. (if there is a solid Hawaiian koa ukulele of decent with this price I have not seen it). It plays well, sounds nice, and looks good as well. What more can you ask for?

Leolani is a local company that owns and operates their own factory in china. They are making ukes from around $50-$250, and the sound and look are fantastic. We carry a long neck soprano for $87 that sounds really big for a little guy, and has nice adornments, like maple wood binding and wood purfling. The ukulele in the video is just at $200 and has a very organic look and a wonderful tone that I would put up against anything in this price range.

This review is still not including all the brands or models we offer in this price range. Feel free to contact me or ask any questions through the post. Aloha, and good luck on your uke hunt!

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  1. if you should give your opininon, what uke is better??? the KALA KA-T or the KALA KA-TEM??? really want to know beacause im considering one of these two ukuleles as my first! 😀 please answer 🙂
    Thanks! 😀

    -Ari ;D

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  3. The Kala Travel ukuleles sounds extremely good and loud for its narrow body, very intriguing.
    The Leolani is also a nice sounding ukulele, looks like a Vineyard ukulele, same factory perhaps?

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  5. Thanks for the good and helpful information. My son is choosing his first ukulele and this blog and your sight are great.

    1. Post
  6. I love the sound of tenor ukuleles but i’m not sure which to get between these 3 : fender hau’oli tenor, kala KA-T, or the KA-ST. I love the fender telehead stock but wonder if the fender hau’oli plays as beautifully as the kala’s. Unfortunately, I don’t live close to a music shop that has all three for me to compare their sounds and it is difficult to assess when listening to clips comparing them online.

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