Core Fujimoto gives a chilling performance on a Ko’olau CS cedar/rosewood Tenor – “Close to You”

The Ko’olau CS (contemporary series) is a slightly rounder body shape from the traditional Ko’olau shape, which is closer to a Martin tenor shape. It also differs from the regular Ko’olau by having a tapered headstock, which provides a straight string pull, making it easier to stay in tune. Also unique to the CS model, the fingerboard and saddle have a slight radius similar to a hybrid nylon string guitar. This difference is not enough to feel “weird” coming from a regular ukulele, but it is just enough to give a smooth comfort, and allows for lower action. Every Ko’olau in this range is custom made by master builder Noa Bonk in the town of Wahiawa , on the island of Oahu. The dedication to quality, sound, and precision is quite obvious when you see, feel, and hear a Ko’olau CS. With all of the different wood options you might need to get a few of them : )

This is Corey’s own version of a Jake Shimabukuro instrumental composition of “Close to you” by the Carpenters. He is playing a Cedar top, Rosewood back and sides Ko’olau Tenor CS model.

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