The Ukulele Keaka

I built Higher Ground with the same principle that has me up at night doing videos instead of eBay listings – The principle that if you do good things for the community, the money side of things will take care of itself….Unfortunately for Higher Ground, that was not totally the case, but it was fun, AND we have a ton of unreleased footage!! I am going to start putting it on The Ukulele Review exclusively! We want to have our own community of uke enthusiast. A portal of inspiration and education. So let your friends know, because we got some guys comin’ up that you probably have not heard yet. Up next is a young man named Kuhio, and his voice will blow you away.
These video’s are from the first set of the first Keaka featuring Abe Lagrimas Jr., first solo, then with Alden Tokuzato and Adriano (Adj) Larioza on the cajon and other percussion instruments. Both the guitar and ukulele were made by Ko’olau. The guitar is a Redwood topped chambered solid body acoustic, and the ukulele is a Spruce/Rosewood Tenor Deluxe. This is live footage from April 2009. I love it, hope you do too. Enjoy~ Oh, by the way, view the quality difference between YouTube (the first video) and Vimeo (the following three). Aloha from Hawaii Music Supply!

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  1. I really can’t get enough of Abe Lagrimas: what an artist and craftsman. When I think of tenor jazz uke, and the players who do it, Abe is really at the top. Great feeling and sensitivity. Thanks to you folks for doing this.

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