Best Tenor Ukulele under $200

We just got in the new Makai TK-65 tenor ukulele and the consensus here at the shop is  that this is some serious value!
The sound is balanced and the design is fluent with a soft venetian cutaway. Classic Martin style construction, solid without being heavy. The tuning keys are really well made and a bone nut and saddle are used. The neck profile feels CNC computer perfect. Which is what the best makers are doing to insure a consistent feel and flow. And after our final setup,  this tenor plays effortlessly, and is available with a low G setup at no extra charge.

It would be a sweet deal even without, but the real kicker is…It has a pickup with an on board EQ that has a built in tuner, and, as you would figure from my title, it’s under $200!!!

IMHO the four most impressive Brands of ukulele with models under $200 are –Leolani, Kala, Luna, and Makai.

Of all of them, if my budget was $200,
this Makai would be my choice.

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  1. I have this uke and it’s great! sounds and plays awesome and has a decent pickup. I highly recomend it!

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