Kamaka Ukuleles in 4 sizes- Corey Jams the “Crazy G”

Kamaka has been giving the world great ukes for almost 100 years now. The most popular models are the ones in this video, the HF-1 Standard (soprano), the HF-2 Concert, the HF-3 tenor, and the original Kamaka designed HP-1 Pineapple. Many people have inquired about the sound difference between these models so we have recorded them next to each other for your comparison.

The Kamaka HF-1 standard has always set the bench mark for soprano’s. It has that classic ukulele sound you can hear  on old records and does that ragtime jazz perfect.

The HF-2 Concert has always been my personal favorite from the Kamaka line. The way Kamaka does their concert is a sound unlike any other concert on the market. It has a boomy low end and a nice roll off on the highs for a big sweet tone.

The HF-3 always sells out the fastest in our store. In recent years the Tenor has become the most popular size for ukulele enthusiasts. Guitar players crossing over find it the most comfortable. You have more space for chording, and the a bigger body along with a longer scale length give the tenor a brighter and punchier tone. This, along with artist like Jake Shimabukuro playing a Kamaka tenor, has made the HF-3 quite a hot item.

The finale comes from an original shape from the Kamaka company. The Pineapple. The pineapple is a slightly deeper sound than the normal Standard. It is the same scale length and neck but has a bit more soundboard to vibrate. It has a great sound for being a such a small instrument and would be a nice addition to any uke collection! Enjoy the video~

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