The Kanilea’s K1 Premium Koa Tenor – 2 Ukes reviewed (or should I say drooled over)

Kanilea’s models like these K1-TP’s are just ridiculous. I say that in the most positive way. I mean, look at these tenors. The best from god’s gift of Hawaiian Koa wood along with the special talent of a few master ukulele makers from our island creates a very desirable little instrument. These two were especially eye-popping. I think even wild animals would stop and take a look in wonderment. But looks aside, if I close my eyes and review these ukes….
I notice the light balanced weight you find in higher end instruments. The feel is a little grippy for me because of the Aquilla strings. The sound…is loud, and punchy when strummed heavier, but the dynamic range on this tenor gives you a lot of voices. It sings with sweet sustain when played lighter. The sound board is lively and gives you an immediate and articulated response to your every nuance.

These two are sold, but I didn’t put them up just to tease you. I thought maybe it would inspire you to start putting away your pennies. We are not going to be preselling Kanilea’s instruments but we can take your info and first contacts get the first shot. Enjoy the video and pics~

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