3 Ukulele Clip On Tuners Reviewed

So what is out? your my – your dog – your has – or your fleas? Probably all of them!! But, here we will show you three magical devices that will keep you sounding good. Working at a music store, I can’t imagine life without them. Aaron gives his best “Shoot Out” as he calls it, comparing features and opinions on these 3 Tuners from Ukulele companies. Which one do I like? Which ever one is closest! Enjoy the Video info and review~

Beyond the Lanikai, Kala, and Oahu tuners we also have the Korg Ukulele Clip on Tuner. Soon we will post these all with Specs at the site. look us up at our link on the right> or call us up anytime. If we’re not here we won’t answer, but other than that we can answer any questions- Hawaii Music Supply -(808)622-8000. I’m Andrew, AND stay tuned because soon I’m gonna release an extremely revealing video on…..ukulele cases!!! I know, this job is gonna give me a heart attack. But the people should know the truth. Haha, come back soon, we have tons of ukulele stuff from the last year to pursue~ I want publicly apologize to the artist of this picture.

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  1. I’ve been trying to view some of your Youtube reviews but am not able to open a lot of them. I’m trying to view Aaron’s review of the 3 clip on tuners and get a msg Error Message 404, page not found. Have these pages been removed or am I having a problem. And, do you still have the clip for how the baritone uke sounds tuned to GCEA? I couldn’t get the video to play. Thanks.

    I just discovered The Ukulele Review site and really like it a lot. Also, last year Aaron’s Youtube lesson in how to string your Ukulele really helped me to get it right. It’s easy and I’m not intimidated by doing this important task easily. This year we came home to visit Honolulu and I was going to come up to see your store but ran out of the time. Next time we’ll be up to visit you. I was stationed up at Helemano, back in the 60’s so Wahiawa is almost one of my homes.

    I have a question about how low to set the strings at the ‘nut’. I have taken my uke(s) to a lutier here in Spokane, and he seems afraid to take the strings down very much. I remember my first Martin soprano was pretty low and that’s what I’m used to. Is it okay to take the strings down low and how high off of the fret bar do you think is safe to take it down, so I can just tell my guy, Rick, how low he can bring the strings down.

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      I’ve been working on this because it’s an issue only in certain browsers. Use chrome and the videos will all play. I will be adjusting the listing to work on all browsers. Thanks

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