The Cordoba Tenor

….was the premiss of this video. It’s a Cordoba tenor run down.(not to be confused with a shootout). Most guitar players know Cordoba from  their super nice Classical guitars. That is how we first got to know of them. For years now we have been completely sold on the value of their guitar line. Beyond looking great they sound…great. Cordoba has factories in Spain, Portugal, and Asia. I have always been most impressed with the Portugal factory even though their most expensive guitars are built in Spain. The Portuguese are a musical bunch. Living on the islands you learn that. Heck, the Portuguese invented and brought over the first incarnation of the ukulele.

The first two tenors come from that Portugal factory and are “all solid Koa”. I put that in quotes because it is Hawaiian Koa by strain, but grown in Portugal. So some would argue the ethics of what you can call Koa. But it is and that’s what Cordoba rightfully calls it. I am all for it because it is a beautiful wood and we have very little land to supply the entire world with such a loved wood.

These ukes have an excellent design. Simple but adorned with natural trimmings. A vintage style rope rosette, maple wood binding, and a rosewood backstrip give tasteful accents. I like these models. You can get the next best thing to a Koa Hawaiian made uke. A Koa Portuguese made uke.  But do they sound as good as the Hawaiian made ones? …No. But can you get a Hawaiian made Koa Tenor for $300?

The last two in the video are from their Mahogany line. These have a solid top, laminate sides and back and are made at their Asian factory. The thing with these mahogany ones that you can hear from the video is that they genuinely sound great. And especially for their price range! After our set up they are one of the better options for beginners, those ready for a step up, guitar players getting into the uke, or anyone I suppose, pianist, trombone players, mamas and papas, you get the idea. The TM and TM-CE sound good. And if you get it from us then it will play great.

We have carried all four of these models and are confident in their overall value. Even their gig bag is impressive!

On all of these models we need to dress the frets to allow for lower action. This is not rare. Most of the ukes we send out require an exhausting amount of work. But Hawaii Music Supply has the secret weapon..Joel B!
Thanks for checking out the review site. Feel free to comment on your experience with Cordoba ukes or anything else. Aloha~

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