The Pocket Ukulele!

Never before has an ukulele been so small! At about 16″ from top to bottom it is easy to raise an eyebrow at these new ukes from the Kala company. BUT this is is real musical instrument!I think Kala knew that to pull this off they could not go the budget route. These have solid woods and are made by the best luthiers (instrument makers) at the Kala factory.

The ukulele in the video is a solid Acacia model but looks suspiciously like Hawaiian Koa.? Which is a complement. Like saying a girl looks like a model.
So what is the advantage of having such a smaller uke? Well mainly they are just fun to play. Not too loud at night but still pretty sounding, and as Aaron says in the video, “just adorable”. It’s cute, no doubt about it. And then there is the obvious advantage of portability. Even in it’s deluxe carry case it will fit inside of your luggage!
The main thing that makes it all work is the sound. Their is no physical way for them to sound big. But they have good intonation, or “true” pitch as you go up the neck, and they play easier than you would suspect. After you think your uke collection is awesome Kala goes and makes a whole new size. This one will make your soprano jealous.

As you can see their are many ways of using Kala’s StandOut ukulele stand with the Pocket uke.(none seem correct?)

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