Exciting News for Ukulele Lovers!

Hello friends, it’s been a while. A lot has happened in the past few months. We recently moved into a new Ukulele shop, located in the Historic North Shore Town, Haleiwa and more importantly, we now specialize in ukulele! We are doing so with the help of Music Guy Mic! MGM recently joined the Hawaii Music Supply team.

“HMS and Music Guy Mic”, two great resources for your UKE kine’ stuff, have combined forces to fight evil!!! a.k.a. selling ukuleles at great deals. 🙂

Oh, and as always, we properly set each uke up!

Another recent change is that Aaron Crowell, now owns and runs Hawaii Music School. He’s been overlooking it for the past 5 years and is about to start offering Skype lessons for those of you hungry for personal and professional ukulele advice or tutoring. I don’t doubt that Aaron will be taking this Music School to the next level! Hawaii Music School is located in Wahiawa and is offering lessons for almost every musical instrument.

Behind the scenes, our original web/blues master, Ajita White, is back on island! Ajita, a.k.a AJ, has an innate vision for graphics and design that is still present in TheUkuleleSite.com. AJ is one of the most intelligent and creative individuals I’ve known. Soon he will be pumping out new designs for T shirts, stickers, and all that other good stuff! …But first, we will create a new and improved…-TheUkuleleSite.com! You will soon have an improved shipping and tracking service from our site. Our lessons and listings will continue to grow and we will be giving a better user experience!

Now that we are solely focusing on the ukulele and working with Michael Aratani, a.k.a Music Guy Mic, we’ve made orders with some great ukulele companies that are new to us! These include Ana’ole Ukulele , Kiwaya Ukulele , Keli’i Ukulele, Worth Ukulele Strings, and Fremont Ukulele Strings. We will be bringing you many more video reviews and comparisons from these new products in the months to come.

We’re also excited to bring to you L.R.Baggs Ukulele Pickup, the 5.0. Voiced specifically for the ukulele and now using the little coin cell battery for a lighter weight power source. Look out for a comparison video between this pickup and other pickup options!

Also noteworthy, we ran across an amazing custom builder from California named Pepe Romero. Our friend, pro surfer Gavin Beschen, connected us to this world famous Classical guitar builder who just started making ukes in 2011.He is currently 3 years back ordered on classical guitars but has gotten into the ukulele and is building them like no other! His”reverse fan brace” is simple and effective. His quality and design is that of a high end classical builder. Very well done. Gotta check out this Koa tenor we got! All the guys in our shop were impressed! There are not many builders coming out with this level of ability. Photo/Video blog soon!

Plus a look at the brand new Limited Edition aNueNue Harp Ukulele. There are only 12 released to the US! We have a few of them expected in soon and will most likely blow your mind. Or at least mine.

Earlier, we mentioned Skype lessons with Aaron. He will continue to give lessons free of charge on our website. But, for an optimal learning experience, technology now enables you to get one on one lessons with Aaron, no matter where on Earth you are. (provided it has internet). We will be posting his link on our homepage soon.

Dat lucky buggah Aaron… he got his new custom Ko’olau!!!

Here is a video of it.-

This is an amazing custom instrument that Aaron had ordered a few months back. It has a redwood top and Cuban mahogany sides and back. This is also referred to as Hawaiian mahogany because it is not longer growing anywhere else. see more about Ko’olau from http://TheUkuleleSite.com

Joel is working harder than ever to get all of your orders setup and out in time so you can relax with an awesome gift for someone. Everyone of us at Hawaii Music Supply truly care about you and want to be a great service. Thanks for the support!!

Please feel free to comment. Aloha~

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  1. Congratulations Andrew! The new store looks great and we wish you much success! Aaron! What a beautiful Ko’olau! There’s few things I enjoy more than playing my Ko’olaus….very few. Again, congrats to you both!

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