3 Master-built Hawaiians!

Everyone knows we don’t need an ukulele this nice. But we love them! We dream of how awesome it would be to get them. The combination of beauty and what we can do with them makes us feel so alive. I will liken it to a beautiful woman, that also happens to be a Master Chef. She doesn’t have to be beautiful to appreciate her food, but it doesn’t exactly hurt. I personally LOVE taking ukes like these in the photo room. It’s glorious! My gratitude goes out to Kanile’a and Ko’olau for creating on this level.

These are some examples of ultimate tenors to look at. Maybe if you ask your wife for two she’ll get you one. No? Well, that’s ok, these are gone anyway, but enjoy the videos and pictures! Some call it uke porn. I suppose…. they don’t exactly have clothes on. ~ Enjoy!

The first element of sounding good is your playing. But my playing is sort of borderline. I can have fun on a cheap uke, but I don’t make it sound good. Not from what I hear, or want to hear. Some people are so gifted they just make it work. I have seen Corey subconsciously bending just the right amount to cure intonation problems. Corey’s a madman! On the other hand, I’m not exactly god’s gift to music, but I always have fun, and I have way more fun on a really good instrument. It’s like half way to sounding good before I even play it. This Ko’olau was insanely nice. And both of these slothead Kanilea customs were flawless to my inspection. This is phenomenal craftsmanship from the custom makers on our island.

I have really enjoyed working with Aaron for the past 6 years. He’s a team player like no other. And he is great at teaching the ukulele . Aaron mentions Skype here, and if you want to learn more about that, click the picture link. Try it out, you’ll surely gain something. Often if I learn something, I don’t master it till…well I don’t master it, but, it’still in my mind. Somewhere. Anyways…Thanks for checkin’ out The Review!

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  1. The (non)link for Aaron’s Skype lessons is not connecting. Just FYI…
    You guys are the best in customer service out there…not just for ukes but THE best that I’ve dealt with in a long time in any product or service. Thanks!!

  2. i always enjoy looking at quality ukuleles but whilst the quality is there sometimes the finer points of tortoise,or abalone or even mother of pearl finishes are missing

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