Pepe Romero Cigar Box Uke Prototype!

This is the second of two prototype Cigar Box Ukuleles that Pepe Romero recently made. We know Pepe makes a phenomenal, mini classical guitar style, tenor ukulele. A regular Romero model is extremely rich in tone with a full spectrum of frequencies to enjoy. This is an entirely different voicing (of course).This is a tenor scale and Pepe built the box. The tone has that vintage “boxy” sound (go figure), but it’s more spacious and sweeter in delivery . Closer to a pineapple tenor with a little less boominess. I personally love it, and am excited to get one of these! It’ll be fun and damn it’s gonna look cool on my wall! Pepe is keeping this one for now but wanted to get some feedback from us and hear what we thought.>My feedback would be – “Hurry up and build me one!!”

There is something I have always liked about Cigar box ukes. They hold the spirit of ukulele.Taking a wooden box and making a uke out of it typifies the light hearted nature of this instrument. Corey samples….

The last cigar box uke we had in the store was made by Sam Kamaka and it was so fun! I talked to my wife about taking it home, but within a few weeks Jack Johnson came in and snagged it. Which I was totally happy about, because I knew wonderful things would be done with it. But when Pepe told me he made a few CBU’s, I knew I would be keeping one. I knew I would love it. And I do! Another impressive, and totally unexpected treat from Mr. Romero….Brah, u dah bes!

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  1. Are the hinges optional? Let me know when you got ’em available for sale, Andrew! Tony

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