A New Breed of Ukulele Players

When ukulele first hit the scene about a hundred years ago it was a cool, hip thing to have. A San Fransisco music store advertisement from 1915 read:

The Hawaiian Ukulele is the one musical instrument that everyone can play. It’s inexpensive. It is easily carried about. It’s melodious – it has a charm all it’s own. It’s a welcome addition to any social gathering- in the home, on an outing trip or in the summer camp.It affords great pleasure to young and old.

A hundred years later that is just as true. And just like it’s popularity “spread like wildfire” a century ago, so today, many are discovering the joy of uke.

It’s played in almost any genre of music, but here on the islands the young kids learning ukulele are influenced by a new breed of player.  The ukulele virtuoso! Jake Shimabukuro trail-blazed this new style of fusion. The musical mixture has no bounds. Hawaiian, Jazz, Classical and Rock stirred together with a dash of young punk energy excites the “shredder” in all of us. Feel free to play “air ukulele” along. These amazing young musicians are showing the potential in this instrument and it’s a fun thing to watch and hear. Enjoy. Until next time..Aloha!

The amazement, as someone once said, is not how it’s done, but that it’s done at all.

These 2 performances are exclusive to TheUkuleleReview. Here are two amazing young players from Hawaii-

Learn more about Kris at http://krisfuchigami.com/

Learm more about Kalei at http://kaleigamiao.com/

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  1. I’ve played guitar with folk groups for over 50 years. In the past few years, I found that my hand really hurt after playing.. Then Jake came to Charleston to play in our annual Spolete festival. I had no idea that the things he was doing was even possible on a ukulele. Realizing it could be played as a serious instrument, and not just for strumming as a background for sing-a-longs, I immediately bought a uke. Now I can play with a growing variety of strums and have been able to get back to fingerpicking, all without the pain from the longer stretches on a guitar. While i still prefer more traditional stuff, hearing Jake was all it took to get this old guy playing again xwithout the pain. I’m totally hooked and I’ve been teaching the basics to some other “seniors”. I’ve also directed them to your site for lessons and hearing what can be done by some of the great players / teachers.

  2. Superb playing showcasing what can be achieved on an electro uke – and superb instruments – the rest of us can simply drool, and aspire to this level of performance.

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