Almost every week we get instruments from Kanile’a with tremendously beautiful Koa. These last a few days at the most on our website and then disappear . This instrument didn’t make it through the morning so I decided to post it here. Why? Because it’s insanely gorgeous! Radical Koa gives mind altering pleasure!

Kanilea Aldrine tenor0-3 copy

You all know who Aldrine Guerrero is, right? He’s probably most well known as one of the founders and main teacher/ ukulele instructor at Ukulele Underground. I don’t know Aldrine too well, but what I do know is that he’s an amazing musician. Such incredible energy! His percussive techniques and dynamics will excite and inspire. This was a video I shot at NAMM a few years ago. He’s playing his signature Kanilea plugged into a Fishman amp.

Check out more performance videos from Aldrine at this blog- 

Other features of Aldrine’s signature model include ebony appointments with Kailua beach sand inlays, a fat birds-eye maple rosette, a slotted headstock, and Gilbert tuners, which are actually the smoothest tuners I have experienced. Another cool feature is that the body is laquer gloss and the neck is laquer satin. This gives you the best in looks and feel!

Corey sampled it earlier today-

So nothing too newsworthy. Just thought I would share this extraordinary instrument. Behold, the astonishing uke porn star-

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