The other sounds -Percussion on your Ukulele –

Guiro -ukuleleThis is one of three short lessons from Aaron Crowell. The other two are  soon to come and cover more random techniques and ideas for your ukulele. This one is a latin rhythm and uses the frets to simulate the güiro,  that scraper sound in latin rhythms.


So give it a shot and give us some feedback. Easy, hard? (Or are you thinking like me,  I don’t want to tap on my perfect little uke :0)

More short lessons from  Aaron coming soon. Only to be seen at… TheUkuleleReview.com

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  1. Very good. Not new by any means. I have been doing something a little more advanced than that since 1956 but it is good to see these things coming round again. As they say, there’s nothing new!

  2. I’m amused at what ukulele can possibly produce! I haven’t been catching up on my ukulele practices and I chanced upon this video with simple guidance which made me pick up the luk again! Thanks for the simplicity!

  3. Love Aaron’s easy to follow ukulele lessons. They have been my go to for learning this new instrument. Thank you!

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