Ko’olau CS!

This model has been the top choice for many. The feel of the neck, bell like response, and rich harmonic sustain all make it an ultimate ukulele. This must be the 10th CS model in a row from Ko’olau that blew me away. The quality and precision Noa and Ryan are now coming with is, realistically,  flawless.Noa Bonk has been making Ko’olau ukuleles for the past 15 years. He was first a repairman and guitar maker. Aaron Crowell, Mike Love, and myself have all bought custom guitars from Noa. All three of us have been consumed by the pursuit of the best, and we’ve played most of what’s out there. We all consider Noa to be the best.

Now, best is subjective, but talent is pretty well defined. Everyone has their own ear and opinion, but you would almost be irrational to deny this quality and musicality. Noa is at the top of his game, and his sole building partner, Ryan, is an equal counterpart.

Ryan Condon built super high end classical guitars with Ron Pinkerton for ten years before joining Ko’olau. I’ve never been less than impressed with Ryan. He does all the finishing right now at Ko’olau and it can’t be done any better.

Three or four years ago Ko’olau hired more workers and tried to put out semi-affordable instruments. Since dropping back to a custom shop and focusing on higher end, they are on another level. I believe that these ukes will go down in history as some of the finest ever made.

Even though Ko’olau is family and some would say I am biased, I wholeheartedly believe that, at this point in time, Ko’olau will more than impress you. My dedication is to my customers at TheUkuleleSite and giving 100% honest opinion and advice. Ko’olau doesn’t pay our bills. We never even have them in stock because it’s all custom orders. We sell 10 times as much with other K brands. But Ko’olau is different. They’re a custom shop with two master luthiers at the pinnacle of their careers. If you are in search of the ultimate ukulele experience, I guarantee you won’t be let down with a Ko’olau CS like this one.

So how do you get an ukulele like this? You have to custom order it. Here is a previous post that reviews the options you have when custom ordering a Ko’olau ukulele. Right now it’s a 6-8 month wait. If in any way you are not 100% happy with your custom order we will gladly take it back for a full refund. Everyone getting these customs from us is super impressed. Contact us for more info on investing in a lifetime ukulele, Ko’olau is one of the options that we know you’ll love . Aloha!

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  1. OMG, I cannot believe my eyes and ears………..
    Please upload another video with a low G string.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. This is one of the most beautiful sounding and most beautiful looking ukuleles I’ve ever seen! The level of craftsmanship and artistry from Noa at Ko’olau is incredible.

  3. Be warned, a Ko’olau ukulele is a dangerous intrument… so playable, so beautiful looking and sounding that it is like a blackhole… you are inevitably attracted to it.

    I have the chance of playing a Koa Koolau CS… It sounded great from the start (same as the one here) but after a few months being played it has reached another level.

    It is known that spruce top instruments take some time to open. I feel it is less known that the same applies for koa instruments. People will say they don’t like the sound of koa… but the sound warms up a lot after a few monthes of playing. The tone gets richer, sweeter and more resonant.

  4. Wow! What a thing of beauty. I’m just beginning my journey as a hopeful ukulele player. I hope that one day I am worthy of such an instrument.

  5. Wow. This is so ridiculously gorgeous in every possible way. Can’t take my eyes off it! I don’t think you’ll get many arguments about this being the Ultimate Ukulele!

  6. Wow! I’m going to ask for one of these for my 50th B-day! Hope I can wait that long…

  7. Great to hear Cory and Aaron play these ukuleles,not only from a possible purchase point of view, but just to see what is can be accomplished with the instrument with time and dedication! Thanks from a beginner, for the inspiration.

  8. I ordered a Ko’olau CS at the beginning of Oct 2013….I am so lucky to be living in the same town(Wahiawa) as the Ko’olau shop….I got to pick the wood(Indonesian Rosewood with a Redwood Top) with Noa’s help….I am sure my Ko’olau will be beautiful….and sound great!

    Noa was great in helping me to decide what it wanted….and I got to meet Ryan too…I am looking forward to my new Ko’olau
    if you are on Oahu as a local or visitor and would like to order a Ko’olau I would say going to the shop makes the experience even better….

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