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Maui Music tenor bevel1

Peter Lieberman started out as a guitar builder but for the last 20 years has been a premier ukulele maker. For a while Peter ramped up his operation and had three other builders working along side him. In 1998 Peter’s shop burned down when he ignited lacquer fumes while cutting a door jam with a sawzall. He injured his hand trying to put out the fire and was forced to shut down his operation. A few years later he was back to building ukes but decided to just be a one man custom shop which is what Maui Music is to this day.

Maui Music ukes generally have a very clear and balanced tone with plenty of volume and sustain. They are very classic Hawaiian in tone. I would say they are comparable to a Kamaka or Ko’olau type of sound versus the more modern tonality in KoAloha and Kanilea. I like them and wish we could have a regular stock of these. However, being a one man shop means limited production and availability. I’ve let Peter know of our desire to stock these and basically take all he can make.  He simply says, “I’ll do my best”. What more can I ask. Thanks Peter, it’s a pleasure to show your work.

When we get ukes like this they go up at The Ukulele Site and don’t last long. Check in there and find rare gems like this!

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  1. Love the bevel tenor except fort hose awful heavy hard to use tuners on it. If it had nicer tuners I’d grab up this uke in a minute.

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  2. As a product designer, the wood grain + interesting corners (with the inward concave portion) is really cool. 🙂

  3. Peters ukes look great, comfortable to play, and sound great.. the high end models are nicely appointed with bling, gloss finish, triple color stripes, abalone purfling and rosette,
    Side sound port, and celliod or wood binding on the neck and body. Such a dream ukulele to own….happy strummings 🙂

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