For as long as I can remember my father was a well respected full time luthier (stringed instrument builder & repairman). He built custom guitars but mostly supported our family by doing warranty work for Martin, Gibson, Taylor and other guitar makers. When teaching my brother and I this craft he always emphasized meticulous work and proper technique. The focus was on precision, a deep understanding of the process, and attention to the smallest details. He never urged us to be faster. In fact he would tell me to “go slow and do a good job”.

About 20 years ago my dad (John Kitakis) started Ko’olau Guitar & Ukulele Company. That pride of craftsmanship and aim for the finest quality have always been at the heart of Ko’olau and many serious musicians were and still are delighted by this. 12 years ago, as I left to start Hawaii Music Supply, my brother Noa took over the Ko’olau custom shop building and has continued to perfect this art. Dad set forth on a new venture; To make a Ko’olau quality instrument at a more affordable price. This has been no casual effort. It’s taken him many years but he now provides a truly great brand, our best selling line of ukuleles. Even though quality has become consistent, he still travels to the island of Java to work with the luthiers there and continue improving.

“Keep it Pono” is local for, do it right, or show excellence in what you do. For Ko’olau owner John Kitakis, affordable excellence for the ukulele community has been a constant effort, maybe even a struggle. But I would now consider it to be an achievement, because Pono’s are now consistently excellent. Every instrument in the Pono lineup is of the finest value available.

I shot this video on a visit we made to the Pono factory earlier this year. Super awesome guys there. Talented luthiers and wonderful people to spend time with.

The Company

Pono is a branch of Ko’olau made on the island of Java. John and Noa from Ko’olau are regularly involved in every step of the process to ensure the quality of every Pono instrument. In the video above you can see them refining bracing, designing new models, and hand selecting woods. Pono uses only high quality solid woods, wood bindings, bone nut and saddles, Grover and Gotoh for the tuning keys, and are setup for excellent play-ability.

Take a look at the models featured below and also at our website HERE.


Mahogany Deluxe MSD

The Pono soprano is exactly what many look for in an ukulele. It has a classic punchy tone with more “warmth” than others in it’s price range. Some have a tough time deciding on which wood and model to get. This video shows the four main models back to back with an unaltered “dry” recording for your listening comparison.
Regular model or Deluxe?
Basically the only difference is the regular soprano has a satin finish and the deluxe has a gloss finish. Both are the same lacquer finish but the satin has a dulling agent on the final coats so it’s not reflective like the gloss which is sanded and buffed to a glassy look. This process to get a beautiful gloss finish takes extra time and costs more, but really shows off the wood. Differences in sound? I don’t hear much. What about you?

– Mango Soprano – MGS –

Classic tones from the mango.
Pono also makes super sopranos!
See more Pono sopranos HERE and soprano long necks HERE.


Mahogany MC

The Pono MC has instrument grade quarter sawn solid mahogany, a light feel and is super easy to play. The tones are balanced with nice overtones. Bone nut and saddle and Grover tuners. (Get a hard case with a solid wood instrument and make sure you humidify it if you live in a dry or cold place)
Kalei samples the Mahogany Concert (MC)
One difference in the regular model and deluxe when this video was shot is the rosewood fretboard and bridge that the regular models have. However by the end of the year all models will have ebony for the fretboard and bridge.

Pono only uses solid quarter sawn woods of the highest instrument grade. Their concert, like the soprano, comes in two woods, mahogany and acacia. These are available in either satin or gloss finish. They have a sweet, balanced tone, and are extremely easy to play.

Mango Pineapple Concert

The pineapple shape tends to lean to the warmer tones. It has a slightly larger soundboard so you get a nice full body with a touch less brightness but a really relaxing and…yeah, sweet, is a good way to describe the tone, especially with the mango wood.
Sweet tones from the pineapple mango. Go figure.
Our “Listening Booth” videos are recorded back to back with exact settings and mic placement for your comparison.

Below we listen to 4 different Pono Concert models.


4 Concerts Back to Back

One of the models Anuhea plays is a Concert Pro Classic

See available Pono concerts HERE.



Mahogany MT

The Pono MT has been a best seller for us in the last 5 years. You really get classic tenor tones and a great feel from this no frills tenor.

The construction is clean and just like all tenor and baritone Pono models they come equipped with an adjustable, light weight truss rod. This really helps us fine tune the curvature of the neck perfectly in setup, and allows for further adjustments for personal preference.

Pono MT Satin Finish Mahogany Tenor

As I was saying with the other models, The difference in the regular and deluxe models is that the deluxe has a gloss finish. So this MT has the satin lacquer finish. The MTD has gloss finish.

Pono AT

The AT is also one of our most popular models. Here’s a video of it being played with 11 different string sets.
Mahogany vs Acacia vs Mango
I did a blog write up on this video that you can read HERE. It goes into some technical info and woods and there’s some comments there so you can join in on the conversation and share your experience or opinion, or ask any questions.
These are “raw” sound samples with no compression of mastering. Use quality headphones or monitors for most accurate sound.

Mahogany Deluxe Tenor MTD

The MTD offers a ton of quality in a mid priced package. It has the classic mahogany warmth but with a crisp attack, clear response, and sweet sustain. It has a beautiful gloss finish and uses the finest quality quarter sawn woods including a high grade mahogany and striking ebony fingerboard and bridge.

Nice classic tone with the high G and the deeper rich sounds come out with a low G. This sample is with the stock Ko’olau Alohi wound 3 high G set.

Mango Tenor Deluxe MGTD

Like Aaron talks about in the video, high quality mango like this has great tonal qualities of both mahogany and koa.

Along with great sounds, this new mango line features beautiful, exotic looks and variations in the wood grain that will bring you joy to just hold and admire.

All solid wood – Bone nut and saddle – Gloss Finish – w/Truss Rod

Cedar Top Mahogany MTD-CR

This Pono model, like the Pro Classic tenors, has a radius fingerboard. It’s hardly noticeable, but for many it adds to the comfort and playability of the instrument. On top of feeling great, this new tenor looks beautiful!

A perfect gloss finish shows off the stunning quarter sawn Honduran mahogany. Rosewood binding and wood rope purfling frame off one of the favorite tonewoods of many acoustic enthusiasts: western red cedar! The tonal character is sweet and clear on this wonderful ukulele. It’s a joy to play and hear.

Also comes in spruce top, MTD-SP that Aaron reviews here-

A key feature in all of the Pono tenors and baritones is the dual-action adjustable truss rod. This stabilizes and adjusts the lengthwise forward curvature (also called relief), of the neck. It can be adjusted from right inside the soundhole with an allen wrench provided. Over time and with humidity changes, this is a very useful option to have, and a very easy thing to adjust with little room for error. Here is a video that explains this feature.

Cedar Acacia Deluxe ATD-CR

Pro Classic Tenors

MTSH Mahogany Tenor Slothead

The materials used on the newest pro classics are top notch. The body is quarter sawn Honduran Mahogany, an expensive mahogany used for the best musical instruments. Rosewood frames off the top and back of the body. The bridge and the fretboard are also ebony and the faceplate is Macassar ebony.

This model has a full bodied sound with clarity and warmth, this is the classic mahogany tenor sound at it’s best. Ko’olau is very exacting and the results are impressive!

The MTSH comes in a number of variations. It can come with a spruce or a cedar top, with or without a cutaway, and also with a sunburst finish.

Variations on the MTSH

Spruce Top & Sunburst
Cedar & Spruce w Cutaway

ATSH Acacia Tenor Slothead

Current production of this model like you see in the pictures has wi’awa wood binding and Grover 18:1 sta-tite tuners. It also has gorgeous Macassar ebony used for the bridge fingerboard and faceplate. Like all new Pro Classics from Pono has a radius fingerboard. It’s hardly noticeable, but it surely adds to the comfort of play. This slight curve allows for low action and plays like a dream.

This tenor is displayed and protected by the cleanest gloss finish yet from Pono. This glassy smooth lacquer finish is extremely strong yet just a few thousandths of an inch thick. This is the art of uninhibited protection. Also to be noted is that Pono has kept improving and I would put the beautiful look of this finish up against ANY custom shop instrument. It’s as flawlessly executed as you will find.

How does the Acacia and Mahogany sound back to back?

Bruno has gotten 3 Pro Classics from us 😀

Mango Tenor MGT5-PC

This is a Pro Classic 5 series tenor with beautiful Mango wood. The 5 series is the flagship of the Pono line. It gets the highest grade woods, and aside from all the appointments of the Pro Classic line, wood bindings, radius fretboard, gloss finishes, abalone rosette, included wood hard case, etc, beyond that there is also abalone inlay going around the top. Just a little icing on the cake.

Also available in pineapple.

TE Chambord Body Electric Tenor

A solid chambered acacia body topped with the finest North American red cedar. This is the gloss Deluxe model with the Pono pickup. Along with a truss rod to fine tune perfect action it features a radius fingerboard for a buttery smooth playing experience. Macassar ebony fingerboard and faceplate are stunning and the custom made hardshell case is the finest CE Ko’olau case to date. These are made in Ko’olau Java factory and pickup installation and setup is done at the Ko’olau custom shop in Wahiawa, Hawaii.


Acacia Baritone Deluxe ABD

Acacia is a family of trees that Hawaiian koa belongs to. This is not Hawaiian koa but comes from a very similar species found throughout Asia. This instrument was built on one of the Indonesian Islands with hands on guidance and quality control from the Ko’olau Ukulele Company. These are constructed by the finest instrument makers and to Ko’olau specs and design. This gloss finish and woods used on this model are only the finest. And, we are happy to hear the impressive tonal character! This is a great value on a pro-level baritone!

Mango Baritone Deluxe –

I love the tone of this baritone. Deep and rich but still clear and punchy.

This mango was quartersawn cut, dried properly, and then built in a climate controlled environment. The mahogany neck was also reinforced with a light weight, dual action, adjustable truss rod in the neck for long term stability and adjustment capabilities.

The baritone is a fun and relaxing instrument that any guitar or ukulele player should feel right at home with. This mango model is one of the best you’ll find.

Spruce Top Mahogany Deluxe MBD-SP

This one sits in between the Pro Classics and regular line. It has a spruce top with top binding, and a radius fretboard also bound. Wonderful looks and tones!

The MBD-SP is an excellent choice for the tone-conscious musician looking for a serious sound with depth and clarity in the beautiful baritone voicing and at a reasonable price point.

Pono only uses solid woods, bone nut and saddle, wood bindings, and no plastics.


Radius fretboard for extra comfort fretting
Simple but beautiful solid mahogany body
Ebony binding and appointments
Real pearl and abalone accents
Professional gloss lacquer finish
New improved wooden case from Pono

Baritone Nui

Acacia Baritone Nui BN-1

This is the new “bare bones” Acacia model from Pono’s new and original instrument: the Baritone Nui or big baritone. This is basically a tenor guitar size but braced for nylon strings to be tuned D-G-B-E. It’s a larger body, longer scale baritone ukulele and it sounds incredible! First Corey samples it above and here is Kalei.

Also comes in a Pro Classic version-

Much more coming to this page soon!

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  1. I love my Pono Pro Classic (a Mahogany Tenor). I still consider it one of the best sounding ukes I’ve ever played.

    If these new Ponos are further improved, they must be seriously good!

  2. I had an RTSH5, a top of the line pono with Cedar/rosewood. HMS installed a mi-si pick-up for me and shipped it to the UK. The whole experience, from the contact with the guys there at HMS, right through to recieving and playing the ukulele was excellent. Top people, top instruments and well just top everything! Now I have my sights set on that new one with macassar ebony back and sides…

  3. Just received my new Pono baritone Acacia Deluxe, looks and sounds great. Hard to beat the deal on this awesome uke!

  4. Love my new Pono cedar/rosewood tenor from HMS!
    Outstanding tone and absolutely flawless finish. Thanks for the great setup.

  5. I’v got a Pono MT and MB. I like both of them really well, but I’m looking at the ATDC-C because I’d like to have another tenor to use with linear tuning. I think it is one of the prettiest ukuleles I’ve ever seen

  6. Just purchased my first Pono not pro series but the Pono -MTD – Mahogany Tenor Deluxe-w/clip-on tuner-w- Oahu Case-w-special instructions, for husband. He LOVES it. It sounds beautiful

  7. Love the new ukes from pono. Unbelievable quality for the price. I have a mahogany soprano and bari with a six string tenor on the way. Might have to try out some from this new line. Hard to believe there was anything left to improve!

    I would also recommend checking out their line of guitars if you are so inclined. Same quality, craftsmanship, and incredible sound!

  8. I am an insufferably proud owner of the ebony/cedar Pono tenor. It is everything I ever dreamed of and more – crystal clear articulation, never-ending sustain, and exquisitely sweeeet sounds… not to mention the stunning ebony wood grain and the flawless cedar top. I never thought I could get this quality of wood and workmanship at this price.

  9. I have a Pono mahogany soprano with pickup that I bought several years ago. Not only is it an absolutely beautiful instrument, but of my seven ‘ukulele, it has the best sound. It has the beautiful, almost bell-like tones that I hear in the clips above. It’s hard to go wrong with a Pono.

  10. Been using the Pono MS soprano from HMS for about a month. The build and setup is detailed and perfect. I’d recommend this uke or the new ones above to anyone starting out because it will feel and sound great and at the same time build confidence and skill versus starting out with a lower quality instrument and dealing with the opposite. Thanks HMS!

  11. Wow, these look amazing and the sound is even better. Wish I could afford one…well, maybe some day.

  12. These new Ponos are beautiful. I’ve had my MBD Baritone less than a year but the new ones make me wonder if I’ll make it much longer.

  13. I own a Pro Classic macassar ebony/cedar tenor and love the tone. I’ve owned several high end guitars and this little Pono compares well to my Lerrivee.

  14. All the Pono tenors are worthy! Started with an MGM supplied solid mahog/spruce top Pono early in my uke career, traded in/out through thousands of dollars of other ukes, now back full circle with my HMS supplied Pono MTDx-E. Love it!

  15. Wow, these news Ponos look and sound great from your videos!
    As soon as I get better on mine, I plan on getting one of the Pro Classic series, they seem to be on of the best quality/price ratio at that range 🙂

  16. I love my Pono Ukuleles. I recently purchased a new ASD from Hawaii Music Supply… but the work on these looks to be stellar! And the sound on the ATDC… man, I might be getting yet another uke!!

  17. I would just like to say how much I appreciate all of the time and care that you guys take in recording and making available the sound samples under consistent recording conditions. It makes the task of making sound quality and tone comparisons among different ukes so much easier. This is especially helpful when one is considering the move from entry level ukes to more professional grade instruments such as these new Pono Pro Classic beauties. I find the wood on the new Macassar Ebony/ Cedar to be very “drool worthy”.

    1. Post
  18. I have a lovely Pono Baritone ukulele – it’s sound is beyond compare!! Warm & lovely tones I like to compare to chocolate!!!

  19. I love my first Pono and really would like to get one of the new radius fingerboard models with a slot head.

  20. As soon as a Pro Classic concert is available I will become a proud owner. Can’t wait.

  21. Beautiful, I was looking at some other ukes for my next purchase, but these look great. I’m highly considering this.

  22. Hey Andrew, ohh I don’t like where this is going, but do you guys have the ATDC-C that’s in the photos on the site? That neck & back grain (ok, let’s face it – the whole package) have #5 written all over them!

    1. Post

      I doubt it. I can go through available stock and take pics for you though. One thing cool about Pono is that the Ko’olau factory with their entire stock is one floor below our setup and shipping workshop. So we get to select from that for you.

      1. Hi Andrew,
        I sent you an email about this to your address below – starting to get interesting!

  23. Hey Andrew,
    Ohh, not sure I like where this is going but do you guys have the actual ATDC-C in the photos on the site? That back & neck grain – oh, let’s face it, the whole package – have #5 written all over them!

  24. I love my pono acacia concert. It’s the best sounding of my ukes right now. I’m really itching for a pro classic tenor now! :p

  25. Thank you Andrew!!!! What more can I say about first
    meeting you, and showing me what I was looking for at
    your shop in Wahiawa. You showed me more than what I wanted, and also introduced me to your other employees. You showed me “aloha”, and you knew how to stir my interest. Let me tell everyone that I purchased the Waiwi-Spruce Tenor Slot-head, and I couldn’t be more happier. Beautifully built, and the sound is very warm with great sustainability. I was on
    the lookout for a Spruce – Top ukulele, and I believe that I now have one of great quality. When I first heard Andrew playing it I was amazed, and I knew that I wanted it right away. Friends, for a great experience, you must meet Andrew and his gang at Koolau & Pono.
    Like I say, I have a great “Pono”. If you want quality then it is right up there with Kamaka. Check them out please.

    1. Post
  26. OMG! (and I don’t use those 3 letters lightly!) After a year of saving and waiting I finally bought a Pono MS this past summer through HMS. This was my next jump from the Lanakai LU-21c I began with. While I’ll always love my first, the voice on this little soprano has me completely hooked. The mellow mahogany paired with the set of flourocarbons that I installed, its got such a rich and articulate sound that is just so sweet and beautiful. And I’m actually completely digging the small size too, which I was unsure about, being a 6’4″ dude. And as for the craftsmanship, it feels so good and is quite easy on the eyes. And to top it all off, the fellas over at HMS just completely rock! I worked with Joel, Zach and Andrew. Helpful, humble and passionate about what they do. Thank you!

    1. Post
  27. Love the Pono’s. Definitely impressed by the entire line. High end boutique instruments at prices a regular guy can handle. Want one in every size!

  28. I literally play my Pono MTSH everyday ever since getting it from HMS. Still love the beautiful outlook and the amazing tone it has.

  29. I love the look of the Acacia in the gloss finish. I have a Pono Tenor Koa in gloss that is absolutely beautiful. It does not have the same punch as some mahogany models, but has a sweet mellow sound.

  30. I have to say Mahalo to Mr. Kitakis for creating the Pono brand. I love my Acacia Tenor. Please continue to make wonderful instruments.

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  32. Hi Andrew,
    Just want to know if you have or will have concert/soprano pro classics and if they will come with radius fretboard.

    1. Post
  33. I got my hands on a PKT-2 a few weeks ago. I really love its sound, and it’s a great pleasure to play it everyday.

  34. Please advise..I was thinking of buying a new MTD SP Tenor ,have discovered the machine heads/ are of the old open screw type. All my current ukuleles have Grover enclosed type tuners / machine heads. Please advise are these Ukuleles old stock ?,As a professional musician playing various fretted instruments it is essential for me to be able take the instrument out of the case ,tune-up and play. A clogged tuner would be a disaster.
    thank you,

    1. Post

      The new ones have the open gear grovers which are better I think that the older closed gear Pono tuners. There is a lot of misconceptions on open gear tuners. Some of the best tuners in the world including Waverly’s are open back and are of the highest quality. Plus the gear is right there for you to oil up if it ever needs, which they almost always do at some point.

    1. Post
  35. I own 21 ukuleles. Six of them are Pono’s and I’m planning on adding more Pono’s to my collection. I like them every bit as much as my Kanilea, Koaloha, G-String and Kamaka ukuleles. I have the following Pono’s; MSD, AC, MCD, PTO-E, MT2, and RTSHC. They are all beautiful, playable and sound wonderful!

  36. Hi Andrew. Are there any plans for getting Ovation to make you some more koa-topped tenors? Mahalo. Audrey

    1. Post
  37. An amazing brand that just keeps getting better. Incredible workmanship, top-quality woods, materials, and components (tuners/etc.), interesting and exciting designs and combinations (e.g. ebony body, such as on my wonderful Pono Baritone), and a feeling that a lot of love was put into the design and crafting of each instrument. I plan to buy their acacia tenor model soon.

  38. We have two Pono ukulele in our household:
    – AT5-PC Acacia Pro Classic Tenor, glossy
    – MGCD Mango Concert Deluxe, glossy
    and we love them both.

    The tenor is gorgeous to look at, and has such an exceptionally sweet and resonant tone. The radiused fretboard makes playing easier on the chord fretting fingers.
    The concert also sounds great, and has some of the most unusual wood grain patterns I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t shout, but it’s also not ‘plinky’ sounding.

    Pono lives up to their name. Exceptional quality and craftsmanship, beautiful tone, solid intonation.
    Also, the nice folks at TheUkuleleSite do a great job with the setups!
    I’ll be returning to them when I’m ready to buy my next uke. Fair chance it will be another Pono.

  39. Despite owning several more expensive instruments, Pono is my favorite maker. They have become my benchmark for judging an instrument from any maker, especially their exclusive use of solid woods and no plastic.

    I think it’s great that they offer so many options, different wood combinations, cutaways, slotted headstocks, gloss or satin finish, etc. I’m particularly fond of their bigger sizes, tenors and baritones with the added benefit of a truss rod, and I love that they continue to experiment with new models that blur the lines between ukulele and guitar, like the Baritone Nui and the Uku Li’i. The only thing missing in this lineup, to me, is something like a Guitalele or Kiku, i.e. a nice but still affordable six string instrument with a radius fretboard in the size of a tenor or baritone ukulele.

    Anyway, with all their options, there is something for everybody. My own personal favorites revolve around their UL size, slotted headstock, gloss finish, cedar top, and now their new arm bevel and side sound port. But I also love their plainer satin models, and they are what I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a great ukulele without breaking the bank.

  40. I have a Mahogany Tenor Deluxe set for low G and it sounds terrific dry or through the Pono pickup. The stock strings it came with were too boomy on the low end, but I switched to Worth Brown’s and now it’s super balanced and just a ton of fun to play. Pro-level tone and blends great when used in concert. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a high-quality first uke or a backup/travel uke for your high-end custom.

  41. I’m lucky enough to have a Pono ATSH-PC AND a Pono MGBD – both purchased from HMS. The instruments are a delight of quality & beauty and each purchase was a terrific experience. I send my sincere thanks to all the folks at Hawaiian Music Supply for making my life more enjoyable through owning & playing these two, great instruments.

  42. Last year, I purchased a new Fender tenor, and a used Pono ASD from a big box store.

    I purchased the Fender after listening to the Top 9 Tenor Ukuleles under $200 YouTube video.

    The tenor sound from the Fender is great, but the Pono ASD, despite being a soprano, sounds better.

    The Pono ASD is my preferred instrument due to the rich and loud sound, easy and painless playability, and beautiful build and aesthetics.

    I highly recommend the Pono ASD if you are looking for a soprano Ukulele.

  43. The Pono mango tenor pineapple I bought from TUS earlier this year has become my favorite uke. Both bright and deep, with sustain that goes for days. And an incredibly beautiful instrument. As a bonus, flip it over and the broad, round back is a terrific drum when playing in groups!

  44. I recently purchased a cedar top Pono MTD-CR tenor ukulele from Hawaii Music Supply. It is a very fine instrument and I have had many very nice comments about it. Andrew and his employees at the HMS have been very friendly and helpful both before and after the purchase. I highly recommend purchasing a ukulele from Hawaii Music Supply!

  45. I chose the Pono ATD for my first ukulele. It fit my budget, looks beautiful, and the explanation of construction with the truss rod helped me in my decision making and confidence that I’m making a good choice. This is a great source of information, thanks!

  46. First ukulele purchased – a Pono soprano “blemish” – great set up by the site and enjoying it now as a low G. Very nice entry level uke.

  47. I decided to get a Pono for my first ukulele because they are handmade and I respected that the company Pono is owned Ko’olau which makes custom Hawaiian ukuleles. I wanted all all wood instrument and am pleased with my purchase. The sound tones of the Acacia wood are amazing. I have a tenor PC 5 series stringed in low .

  48. I recently purchased a Pono PC with a cedar top and rosewood back and sides. What a great instrument. The sound is excellent and the slightly radiused fret board improves the playability. And the setup is a very nice touch that gave me confidence in purchasing from theukesite.com. Great purchasing experience and a great ukulele. I couldn’t be happier.


  49. Thanks for posting the breakdown. Been in the market for a new uke for ages now and am narrowing my search. I’ve been a koa sucker for ages(the curling and delicious color depth) But have recently fallen for Pono’s mango. Finally saw one in person and absolutely fell in love. Daddy needs a new tenor and may have found a winner!

  50. An outstanding value. Pono instruments may not quite make you drool like a $2000 custom uke but they are consistently excellent instruments. Great sound and solid build and very nice looking. The Ebony/Cedar combo is gorgeous

  51. I purchased a spruce top/rosewood body slothead tenor Pono from Andrew a few years back and I’m so glad I did! It plays like a dream – bright but not overly so, sounds great strumming and plucking, it really hits all the marks. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another – it’s a really well made instrument and a lot of fun to play!

  52. The more I listen to Pono sound samples the more I know that I want to have at least one. The problem for me is that I can’t decide if I need the baritone or the tenor. In other words, I’m trying hard not to have a wife who would want to disown me and two Ponos.

    1. I have a Pono Tenor and really love it’s sound stringed in low G. I keep it out all the time and enjoy playing melodies throughout the day. I’m sure the Baritone Ponos sound amazing as well. Good luck with your decision.

  53. I have bought 3 Ponos from HMS..A Rosewood Cedar Tenor Classic a Cedar Mahagony steel string Oversized Bariton and an Acacia Baritone..they all sound different and love them all.Great contruction radius fretboard incredible sustain and ease of playability.I recomend Pono whole heartedly and the setups were truly amazing..i live in Canada and shipping was flawless.Thank you HMS

  54. I chose the Pono Mahogany Soprano for my first real ukulele purchase – from Ukulele Site of course – and I absolutely love it! I switched to Worth clear strings and it sounds even more amazing… now for my next, maybe a Concert size… 🙂

    1. Post
  55. I had been playing various lower end ukes and was never really happy with the sound. I bought a mahogany/sprucetop tenor Pono, low G, from HMS and WOW instant happy. It sings. I love it every time I play.

  56. I ordered a PONO PRO CLASSIC CEDAR TOP MAHOGANY STEEL STRING BARITONE (UL4-20) last year (2016) from The Ukulele Site – Hawaii Music Supply. Couldn’t be more happier with my purchase and the set up! Gorgeous instrument and sounds great!

    This was my first Pono and I definitely would not hesitate purchasing one again. From no one but HMS, of course.

    The icing on the cake this year was getting to visit their shop and meeting several of the guys while vacationing in Hawaii. I stumbled across the shop by mistake and HAD to go in. Loved it!

  57. Too bad the rosewood series is getting discontinued. It’s my favorite! Do you know if it gets replaced with something?

    1. Post
  58. Just discovered this page and love the format. To follow up on an earlier comment, its great to have all these sound samples; it would be “greater” to have some annotation (name of the riff, link to tab or tutorial) to go along with the sound samples. Otherwise, super-informative website! Keep up the good work!

  59. I bought a Mango Tenor through the Ukulele Site about eight months ago. I did not get the gloss finish, and it has a really nice understated look to it. I’ve really enjoyed hearing how much the sound has improved since I’ve started breaking it in. It has a really sweet, mellow tone that just keeps getting better (or maybe I’m getting better).

  60. Pono,
    It was probably the 1st ukulele brand I really learned about, when looking for my 1st Baritone Ukulele and watched Aaron’s videos, explaining the different features and comparing the various sizes.

    I remember thinking, I’d never be able to aquire such a wonderful instrument and started out with the usual laminate and intermediate “upgrades” in my Baritone ukuleles…yet I was always recommending Pono’s to my friends, because I knew for the price, they’d get so much than just an upgrade, but so much more in quality and workmanship.

    Finally, I had the ability to aquire my Dream Pono Nui Baritone and in the 2 months I’ve owned it, I couldn’t be happier.

    In fact, many people that watched an unboxing video I made of my 10D, caused a bit of “Nui Fever” among my Baritone playing friends, who rushed to order one themselves.

    We’ve started a Nui group among a number of Us and it’s by far our favorite Baritone.

    As a way of expressing my appreciation of the Pono Nui, I named mine “Aloha nui loa” and started the hashtag #NuiLove

  61. That’s odd…the timestamp for the giveaway is Wayyy different than the actual time.
    Hopefully, all my comments/entries are valid, as they were posted before Midnight EST.

    Anyways, put a lot of thought into them and how much I value The Ukulele Site and the help I’ve received over the years regardless of some contest.

    Andrew and his crew have always been helpful in learning and enjoying my love of the Ukulele.

    1. Post
  62. My new Pono Cedar Top Acacia Tenor Ukulele arrived a couple of weeks ago. It is so beautiful and the sound is amazing. I did spend a lot of time researching before deciding on a tenor Pono tenor. You provided great phone support with my questions before placing my order. Even though I am a beginner, I simply love my Pono Tenor Ukulele and learning more each day.

    1. Post
  63. Hello Andrew, I fell in love with the Pono TE-SB, but unfortunately, when I wanted to buy one, it was out of stock. Will you have more in stock in the near future?

    1. Post
  64. Beautiful instruments. But I’m not clear on this: when you call one of your models “Delux”, what specifically does that mean?

    1. Post
  65. I purchased a beautiful Pono Pro Classic tenor, cedar with rosewood back and Joel set it up with soft tension Uke Logic strings, wound low G. First of all it is just beautiful. The best uke that i owned prior to this was a Romero Replica tenor all koa with Pepe Romero strings, a quite nice uke. BUT, now this Pono is my hands down favorite. It took me a while to get used to the thinness of the A string in the Uke Logic set but now this thing just sings and I don’t want to play ANYthing else. The cedar is a soft wood and i have a couple of very very small dings in it already from clumsiness so that is the ONLY draw back. I now understand a lot more about tone woods from listening to so many of the awesome HMS podcast/you tubes where Kalei and Cory and Mika and Andrew talk about cedar. Just love this thing and HMS are the pros. Shout out to all ya’ll (North Carolina expression) and Joel you are the man!!

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