Lanikai UkeSB

I saw these at NAMM but dismissed it because having USB on board is impractical, for most. Not many people record only uke and you can get an interface for fairly cheap that allows you to plug in a uke, or a microphone for vocals or other instruments. But there may be some that just want to record ukulele. Perhaps you make computer music and don’t need a microphone. And ukulele can make all kinds of cool sounds going through software. Unfortunately, I haven’t even wanted to go there with the UkeSB. You have to like the instrument first.

Lanikai UkeSB long-2
And there are some things I like. So I’ll give you the breakdown.

Cool! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Block Inlays
    Looks like a Les Paul!
  • Mother of Pearl Purfling
    Looks better than Ablam
  • Digital tuner on the preamp
  • Main selling point- Flux Capacitor on the headstock!

Not Cool! ๐Ÿ™

Electronics rattling

The E string intonation is extremely offย 
probably just the Aquila, they’re notorious.

They call this wood “Hawaiian Koa”!?
That’s a shame. This is Indonesian Acacia. Trembesi stained to look darker and more red. C’mon guys, you’re blowin’ it!

Lanikai UkeSB Gclose

Out of the box the action was over 4mm at the 12th. That’s high. Especially when there is still a fret buzz on the C string. As I sample a strum I hear the electronics growling from inside. Maybe the 9 volt battery compartment, which adds to an overall heavily built uke. The UkeSB is quite the tank of a tenor and the sound. Not bad. I’d say in the same price range those new Cordoba’s or a Pono would be much more open and musical though.

So that’s my review. If you love this model then feel free to tell us why.

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