“One-Offs” – Kala Mango & Ovangkol!

These Kalas have only solid woods and the finest touches. So why won’t they be models? I think it comes down to affordability. Staying true to your price range. Nevertheless, they are beautiful, solid wood, and they are crafted with skill and attention. Since they will only be once I thought I would document them here. Take a look/listen and then share your thoughts. Aloha!

Only solid woods!
Spalted Mango or Spruce/ Ovangkol
Only to be available Once!
Wood Binding
Real abalone shell purfling
High quality tuning keys
W/ matching wood buttons
Very clean & Professional construction
Attention to detail like you’vee never seen from Kala!
HMS Custom Setup
These just need a little more professional attention to be just right!

Engelmann Spruce! If you ever drive up through the Oregon mountains you see beautiful forests of these evergreens. They are a supreme tone wood. Typically a creamy smooth white and these are prime examples. The back and sides are a west African wood called Ovangkol. This is a hard, straight grained rosewood excellent for clarity and note separation. Notice the Ovangkol neck as well. It’s a slender neck and doesn’t seem to add a weight difference which is also nice.

Corey Fujimoto Playing for us…(also one-of-a-kind)

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