Installing an L.R. Baggs 5.0

If you want to install this pickup in your uke, this tutorial could be of crucial help.

Almost every ukulele we sell can get a pickup install included. The L.R. Baggs 5.0. has been a very popular choice for our customers and Joel has installed hundreds. We did this tutorial because we like the 5.0 and want to help you guys install one if you are keen to such DIY projects. Joel shares ways of avoiding future problems. Wires running all over will cause weird overtones at certain notes. The frequency activates a vibration with the electronics that you don’t want. This can be eliminated using some of Joel’s techniques shown here so look and think about what you can take away and also what you can share with us. We are not beyond growth as well so join the site and help us and our visitors as well.

There are a number of steps Joel goes over that are not covered in the official Baggs installation instructions. Hopefully this will be of aid but feel free to add any ways you do it different, any comments on the process showed here, or any questions you have.

Aloha friends. A hui ho!

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  1. Great video Andrew and Joel. Once again I am assured of a quality job when your team prepares a ukulele. It confirms for me that if I were in any doubt I would have the pickup installed professionally at HMS.

  2. Nice demonstration. We didn’t get a good look at whatever Joel is using to secure the loose wires after he attaches the volume control. Is that part of the Baggs pickup kit?

    For anyone contending with loose wire buzzes in their acoustic-electric, it could be helpful to know what those gizmos are and where to get them.

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  3. Great work and video! Andrew, thanks so much for all you do with the blog and the HMS website! This just re-enforced my decision to go through HMS for my next ukulele. No other store that i’ve looked at goes through the time and effort that you all go through from the demo videos all the way to the setup and shipping of each ukulele that you guys do. Thanks again to you as well as the staff!!

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  4. Nice tutorial! Do you recommend sanding the saddle to compensate for the thickness of the wire?

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      Ya, I cut Joel a little short because my battery ran out. The next step would be to sand the bottom of the saddle keeping it perfectly flat still. We usually make adjustments there anyway.

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