2014 Photo Contest Winners

Aloha friends. First off, mahalo to everyone that participated in this contest. I apologize for any imperfections involved in the setup. Honestly we just don’t have the time to really run a contest tightly and properly. But we did what we had to to make sure the popular vote was correct. With that said, our winner was Michael Horn. On all of these pictures, if you click on the image, they enlarge and have comments on why they were chosen, or in this case, why they won.
Congratulations to Michael.  The next 10 photos were selected based on their quality, creativity, and composition and will be awarded $100 in their customer account at http://theukulelesite.com

There were many that we liked but we only had 10 spots to fill. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Click on the photos to enlarge and see some thoughts on why it was chosen.

Leave comments and questions below. If you are one of the winners maybe you can share with us the equipment you used, if you want. Thanks again and visit our store –The Ukulele Site

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  1. Fun contest! Really tested my ability to utilize Facebook. Just wondering if next time it might be possible to include the number of votes cast, as it was very frustrating to be in the running and not know if I’m somewhere over the horizon or breathing down the neck of #1.

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  2. Thanks Andrew…the top 10 photos are super nice when they are enlarged….
    you must of had fun looking at them,,,,with your expert eyes…all your thoughts are right on..!

    maybe I buy a camera soon…Lol

  3. Hi!
    I’m the girl on the picture «Showtime»! I’m so thrilled to be a winner! Love your thoughts about the picture 😀
    My boyfriend took the photo using a Nikon D7000.
    Thank you!
    Linda xx

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  4. Great collection of photos. I entered the contest the last two years and have come up short each time but the photos displayed above show that the level of competition is extremely high so it is hard to be disappointed. Time to start planning for the next time.

  5. I am so thrilled to have been able to be a part of this wonderful competition and win. There were so many good photos this year, it was an honor to have competed against them. Thank you so much and I can’t wait for my new uke! My brother took this shot of my daughter and I with a Canon 5D Mark II and a Tamron 24mm-70mm f2.8 lens.

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      Thanks Michael. I use that camera as well and was close to getting that lens last year. It’s so good. Incredible stabilization great for video as well. Very cool. Better buy your brother a beer for that one!

  6. Mahalo! for choosing my photo, ‘At Peace’ which is exactly how I feel when I play my Uke!!
    This was my first purchase of a ukelele from your store & I love it!
    Thank you again
    Kindest Regards
    Masina xx

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  7. I had such a great time this year! My photos are never good but the fun I have this contest has always been awesome. I normally post some videos on FB to get people to vote for me and they never fail to come out and show their support. They vote, not because of my talent in the videos (which I don’t have much) but they vote because they love me and that touches my heart!!! Thank you Andrew and Hawaiian Music Supply for running this contest again. Hope to see the contest run again next year, You Guys are GREAT!!! Congrats to Michael and Baby!!!

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      thanks Janice! You always kick butt on these contests. Keep havin’ fun and thanks so much for the support.

  8. What joy the photo of Daddy and his little girl brought me! You can feel the Love.
    Thank you for sharing. It made my day.

  9. It is such a joy to read these comments and to be a part of the Ukulele world. I’m still just learning, but I’m having fun and I thank you for all you do.

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