Kala – Michael Aratani Model

Anyone that knew Mike knows that he would love what Kala did for him here with this limited run all solid tenor commemorating his contribution to the ukulele.

I like that it’s called the Michael Aratani model and that they used this Paint style picture instead of his caricature MGM persona. It looks like Mike, lovin’ life with an ukulele in hand and excitement in his eye.

He truly celebrated life and his indulgent embrace with severe UAS was inspiring, to say the least. What else is there to do but salute him by acquiring his commemorative model. I’m gonna have to give a free case with this one. And drinks are on the house. To Mike!

This sound sample from Corey Fujimoto is completely “raw”, untouched, uncompressed audio using the most transparent mics that do not color the tone. Use quality speakers or headphones for the most true listening experience. Specs will come to TheUkuleleSite soon!

I asked Corey to play the sound sample licks Mike did. There you go Corey. Now that’s a sound sample!

This is an article commemorating the larger than life MGM.

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  1. Thanks Andrew…hearing the same sound sample that Mike used to do was hard to describe for me…..good stuff my brother

    And Corey you Da Man too!

  2. An enormous and appropriate sign of respect for a great man. Congratulations Kala on a great uke. I am sure that Mike would approve of the uke and Corey’s work!

  3. Mike was always the friend I had never met. I had only talked with him over the phone. But I really trusted his judgement. It was because of Mike that I found out about theukulelesite.com. I had learned about Mike’s ebay site and had purchased a couple of ukuleles through there for friends and family. And was shocked when the store just closed down. I think I had watched every video that he had made. I remember calling in to the ukulele site and talking to mic who helped me pick out a ukulele, he talked to me about his illness and how time was running out. He mention that he had had a really good life and really showed a lot of bravery facing his own death. Afterwards he helped me pick out a model. Told me that he would pick out a real pretty one for me. I remember after learning of his passing getting out my ukulele and playing some songs on it to honor him. It is my favorite uke that I own. Greatly deserves the honor. I have always wondered how many people Mike helped get started in the ukulele. How many people owe in some way their love of the uke to Mike.

  4. Please tell me when this will be out for purchase and to try out?

    I have a tenor that has slopping sound hole and will need to be replaced soon.

    Thank you for the help. I live in Reno, NV.

    I asked THE STRUM SHOP in Auburn and he said it would not come out until after NAMM 2015……is this correct?

    Musically and Artfully yours,
    Karen Williams

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      Hi Karen,
      Our two main setup guys, Joel and Chris, were with Mike from the beginning of his ebay store through his HMS years. He would have wanted them to setup his uke before it shipped out to you, so we bought the entire run of about 50. I am not sure if they will make more but for now it will only be available through us and should be out in about a week.Thanks
      Andrew – (808)781-9168

      1. I have been looking for the KA-SRMT-TRI but have been unsuccessful. I stumbled upon this page and saw your post. So andrewkitakis, do you have one? I want to purchase one.


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  5. Was there ever any word from Kala about whether they are making more? I just ordered one and am curious if it’s part of that initial run of 50 or if there will be more.

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      They have made a few runs for us now and may have opened the model up for others. I am not sure.

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