The 2014 LFDM Custom Tenors-

Just like musicians, luthiers show their soul in what they create. Luis Feu de Mesquita (LFDM) brings his talent and experience in the classical and flamenco guitar world over to the ukulele with astounding success. He continues to refine his art and I am genuinely in awe of these four instruments. All four are different, but each one is phenomenal.

Why am I excited about this untraditional Canadian luthier? Because these instruments are SO musical! The sound is something you have to experience for yourself. The resonation, dynamic ability, and sustain are all outstanding, as in, they really stand out with their own warm, clear voice.

Other features I love; Very light in weight, the necks have a slightly slender shape but are extremely comfortable, super easy to play for hours, and go ahead and dig in for those dynamics, No Fret Buzz! Add to that beautiful woods and admirable craftsmanship. These are among the best tenor ukuleles ever made.

I want to thank Luis for allowing us to share these inspiring musical instruments with you. Luis, you are the man!

In last years review of LFDM I go over some of the technical aspects that makes the ukes so different.

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  1. Great photos Andrew…and the comparison videos are a great touch…..Thanks for letting me watch the recordings…..

    the Lfdm ukes have great tone and the fit and finish very nice…..

  2. I am so impressed with the quality of Luis’ work. He really cares about his ukes: quality, tone, sustain. They are impeccably made and play incredibly. Great to see this review. Great job Andrew and Corey.

  3. Yet another great find Andrew . Will they be posted for sale. My personal fav . is the cedar/ Malaysian Blackwood ,but only by a hair
    Of coarse Magic Man Cory don’t hurt

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    Ya George, I have a Cedar/ Malaysian Blackwood in my personal collection to these exact specs. Love it! Sound is so responsive. You don’t have to play like Corey to appreciate these, they are amazing on their own. A few of these have been claimed but I am waiting to hear back on others. They may be available. Possible. Have to give people some time to check their email etc…

  5. Luis is certainly the man. I have had the great pleasure to visit him in his shop and his depth and breadth of what it takes to create superb tone is amazing. He analyses every aspect from an engineers mind set yet infuses his instruments with a musical soul that only 50 years of stringed instrument building can yeild. Great to see you represent him so well Andrew, kudos to you and your people.

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  6. I own Amigo XXX. Western Red Cedar/Malaysian Blackwood. Personally witnessed various stages of construction. Luis is a master Luthier and what a treasure of an instrument.

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