Ko’olau Master Series – Orchid Dragonfly Brazilian Rosewood Tenor

Once every year or so Noa and John from Ko’olau design a one of a kind instrument for what they call, The Master Series. For this one they worked with one of the most famous and talented inlay artists, Larry Robinson. This concept started a few years back with just orchids but more recently Noa sent it back to Larry to add dragonflies. The result is both stunning and tasteful. Like Aaron says, there’s an elegance that this instrument just exudes.

As far as the sound, I can say this. I had to stop the recording to turn down from my normal levels because the microphones were clipping. It’s loud! The tone is super punchy, lively, with excellent clarity, sustain, and, overall, one of the most resonant instruments I’ve played.

Noa had been saving this Brazilian rosewood back and sides for years with this exact instrument in mind. He doesn’t have another set like it. He actually doesn’t have any Brazilian at the moment. This wood is pretty rare at this point and practically never looks this spectacular. The resonant qualities of this strain can add definition and sustain to the rich quality rosewood is known for. Coupled with a German spruce top, all hide glue construction, and a perfect glassy nitrocellulose finish from Ryan, this is an ultimate musical instrument and a special treat to the senses.

Congratulations in advance to whoever acquires this masterpiece. I can’t say we will see one like it again so naturally I’m preserving it here at The Review.
Enjoy a look/listen to certainly one of the coolest ukes to ever come through.

Sound samples are unaltered and unmastered so use quality playback sources for a more accurate listening experience. A hui ho from Hawaii. Share your thoughts and questions below.