Hive Spruce Maple Tenor

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This is a custom tenor from Jake Maclay in West Virginia. Jake built Compass Rose ukuleles for years before breaking off to start Hive Ukuleles.

When I first grabbed this ukulele out of its beautiful Ameritage case I felt it’s light weight and excellent balance. The build is extremely clean, seemingly flawless. The quilted maple is like a stormy sea of golden beauty. The striking tiger maple neck feels perfect and the setup is right on point. But what blows your socks off is this huge, warm, rich tone. So lush it’s amazing.

If you are in search of the biggest experience that the ukulele has to offer your senses, then Hive should be considered. This ukulele is sensational!

I decided to do a sound sample of myself playing this uke because Corey is such a fantastic player and most of us are, well, normal. But you don’t have to be a great player to sound great. That has much to do with the quality of the instrument and joy being had on it. No matter what level of player you are, the tone and feel will matter. How much it matters is subjective. But tone is tone, and Hive is in my top five.

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  1. Andrew, what are your other top four in terms of tone and feel? I wish I could try playing one of the Hives!

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      I don’t think I should do that publicly because I really like and believe in the tone and feel of all the custom builders we carry.

  2. I was fortunate enough to own this exceptional uke for two years. Luthier Jake Maclay’s precision in his work is matched by very, very few. His ukes are consistently beautiful in tone and styled with understated elegance. I only passed this ukulele on to somebody else because I have another Hive that cannot be replaced with another one coming. If you have a chance to play or pass up a Hive, don’t miss it!

  3. Oh my! What a beautiful look and sound! I’m quite new to ukulele, so I am assuming that the side sound hole is just that – more sound? Thanks! I want this!

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