Moore Bettah -Scoop & Bevel Hibiscus Tenor

I can’t say we will never get a Moore Bettah Ukulele that isn’t incredible in every way. Even monkeys fall out of trees sometimes. But that day is not today. This ukulele looks, feels, and sounds spectacular! It’s a real treat to show you this extra sweet masterpiece from Mr. Chuck Moore. Enjoy!

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This gorgeous instrument is a custom creation from world-renowned Big Island builder, Chuck Moore. It features the new slightly larger body which allows for things like a scoop cutaway and bevel arm rest and still retains this full warm sound. I talked a bit about that as well as his new string thru bridge at the last review article The Ever Evolving Chuck Moore. I should add that this scoop style cutaway and the arm bevel are the smoothest, most elegant I have ever seen. Really beautiful design and craftsmanship on those elements.

What makes this one even more special is the wood and wood inlays. This amazing Hawaiian koa is accented with a wood rosette and hibiscus flower inlays using dye impregnated maple burl. Creative use of natural materials and protected with a perfect glassy finish.

Our sound samples are recorded for true reference and have no alteration or enhancement. Use quality playback for the most accurate listening.

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