2 Kinnard Sopranos Reviewed

We first reviewed Kinnard Ukes a few months back here-
John S. Kinnard – Premier Luthier!

Since then my Kinnard soprano has become like a little buddy. It hangs next to my computer in arms reach and when I struggle with web design it helps me chill out. Banging on the computer never works, but anyway, I play it daily, take it on vacation, and it’s more satisfying than I thought a soprano could ever be. It’s not the loudest soprano I’ve heard, but the tone and feel are just right. I was never crazy about the
“barky” punch and short sustain many loved sopranos are known for. At least for my style the Kinnard soprano is much more musical and it feels more comfortable as well with a 1 1/2? nut, .080? fret wire, and radius fretboard.

There are some distinct advantages to a soprano. One being the shorter scale which allows me to stretch a good 6 or even 7 frets from my first finger to pinky. People like Corey and Kalei can do this on a tenor but I just can’t. In this way it opens up harmonic possibilities to me that a larger instrument won’t. The Kinnard is my favorite soprano because I’m able to have this without sacrificing the tonal qualities and feel that I prefer.

These two ukes were custom ordered a few months ago. Kevin Beddoe takes care of the business and customer side of Kinnard Ukes and he has been as professional and helpful as I could imagine. As I learn more about the line and options I hope to not need his help as much, but he is one of the most responsive and knowledgable guys in this business and I really admire his customer service. On top of that, John filled the orders in the time we were quoted and we now have two perfectly gorgeous ukes made to the custom specs their owners requested. Together Kevin and John run a hell of a business and we are blessed to have them in the ukulele community.

Like my Kinnard these both have a cedar top. These, however, are both complimented with beautiful curly claro walnut sides and back. This adds a dark richness in look and sound and I’m fairly certain their new owners are about to get the soprano of their dreams.

These are both Series 2 so they have high gloss finish and top and back binding. The first one has an upgraded side sound port and the second one has upgraded koa wood binding. They are both beautifully finished, but that’s to be expected with a John Kinnard ukulele. Detailed specs
are at the picture galleries and Corey gives us sound samples.

Hawaii Music Supply has an exclusive on these wonderful Kinnard sopranos. So if you’d like to add one to your collection, let us know. John Kinnard’s build time remains a very reasonable 24-30 weeks at the moment. Or, if you prefer tenors, check out the lovely Series 3 Tenor we
have in stock now.

Our sound samples are recorded for true reference and have no alteration
or enhancement. Use quality playback for the most accurate listening.

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  1. I wish to know the names of the 2 songs that are being played on the Kinnard ukes. Thank you ahead of time.

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