KoAloha’s Opio Tenor

Coming up to the release of this Opio tenor I have gotten many questions on how it compares to the beloved KTM-00 from KoAloha’s Hawaii factory. So I thought I would do a video comparison of the two recorded under identical circumstances using our less compressed recording methods that can show a fairly true tonal rendering if listened to on quality speakers or headphones. It’s still a less than perfect method of comparing but is one data point for you. I will add some personal opinions from us that can try them in real life.

We just got a few dozen of the Opio tenor and I am pleased to report that they are consistently as loud and punchy as the KoAloha tenor that we love. The construction is identical but with different woods so there is a slight difference in tone. I hear the Koa tenor as having more note clarity. Corey describes it as a “presence” that the KTM-00 possesses.

Still the fact remains that the two models are very similar in tone and response and the Opio is an amazing value in a solid wood tenor that will sell for 579 with a case (for now). If you like the KoAloha tenor sound and can’t or don’t want to spend that amount, we can now offer this alternative for about half the price. And it’s a fantastic tenor with KoAloha tone and feel.

The KoAloha Tenor Opio will soon be listed at The Ukulele Site will all its details.

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  1. Nice comparison. I think the KTM has a bit more resonance but I can’t fault the opio either. It sounds great…. And great value for money. Is the opio braced the same as the KTM? As a matter of interest is there a tab for that song anywhere?

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      Yes, they are braced the same. The Opio line still has the “unibrace” that makes the KoAloha sound so unique.

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      It doesn’t but we can install one. We suggest either the Misi or LR Baggs for 159, or 199

  2. Beautiful music Mr. Corey Fugimoto – your sound is magic and brings out the beauty of any uke you touch. Thank you ❤

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