Episode 5 – Interview with Kimo Hussey

This week I got to talk with one of my favorite players and one of the best advocates for the ukulele. Kimo Hussey does clinics throughout the world and is now president of the Ukulele Guild of Hawaii. The Guild convention this year is going to be the best yet and will be held at The Westin Resort & Spa in Waikiki November 18-20. Make it if you can!

Kimo and I talk about that and much more. To learn more about Kimo’s playing style visit our section at our resource center HERE.

At the end of our talk Kimo demonstrates a Devine ukulele we filmed it here. Enjoy!
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  1. I enjoy Hawaii Music Supply immensely, and recently purchased a ukulele from the online store. And, I watch many of the videos that are posted on the resources page. I love Kimo’s videos, and the videos he has youtube. Please keep up the good work.

    I, also, have a request. Kimo plays melody and rhythm simultaneously, and it is brilliant. However, I struggle to follow him, even though he has several videos on the topic. If possible, I would love to watch a lesson on how to play chords and notes simultaneously with the left hand.



  2. Thanks Kimo and Andrew, really like Kimo’s style and video’s and try to play like that. However still missing some more chord sheets or tutorials that teach directly how to play a song, like other tutorials on HMS/ukulelereview. Hope you make some, that would be awesome 🙂
    Ps the link of Andrew doesnt work in my browser

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