Hoffmann Ukulele

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  1. I purchased an ML style Koa/Cedar tenor from Andrew, and it is one of the finest instruments I have ever played. The attention to detail is among the best I have seen, and his proprietary pinned nut is one of the most creative and original variations on ukulele building that I have seen. The intonation is fantastic all the way up the neck and the tone is clear up to the 18th fret, which is easily accessible due to the body design. They are not cheap, but if it is in your budget, you cannot go wrong with a Hoffman.

  2. I’m easily swayed by beautiful ukuleles, but I think I have decided that a Hoffman is my dream uke, and definitely worth saving for! The scrolled sound-holes on that D style are absolutely gorgeous. Never seen anything like it. And the sound, as Kalei plays it, is perfect.

    Is that a tune of his own composition in the demo? Love it and would love to know if there is a tutorial/tab/sheet music available.


  3. I own one of these gorgeous D style tenors, and it is by far my favorite uke. Projection and playability are outstanding!

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