Oceana ukuleles are made by Zac Stiemle of Washington.

Koa Soprano

These are “raw” sound samples with no compression of mastering. Use quality headphones or monitors for most accurate sound.
This instrument is based on the first ukuleles that were made with a one peice koa top and back and real rope binding. It also has a classic vintage uke tone that we really love. One modern feature we like is the scalloped fretboard. This makes it super smooth to slide around the fretboard and really easy to play.

Myrtle Tenor

This tenor was made with gorgeous Oregon myrtle wood and has a really great tone that shows Zac’s talent. The fretboard is Ecuadorian black palm and wenge is used for the rossette and faceplate. The neck is Spanish Cedar and the tuners are a new and exciting offering from Peghed with a 4:1 gear ratio but in the classic friction tuner look.

The action on this ukulele is nice and low and it’s a breeze to play. This is partly because of the slightly lower tension from the scale length being 1/2″ less than most tenors. Zac had this to say about it, “Over the years I have found that my customers and I really like the 16.5 scaleā€¦ it has a sweetness to it that can not be delivered by the 17″ scale. While many builders have experimented with bigger ukulele (I have as well) I find the smaller bodies and fret scale lend to a better Ukulele sound!”

Myrtle Tenor

This custom tenor has a gorgeous Oregon myrtle wood body and the tone is choice, very rich and warm with great projection. The action on this ukulele is nice and low and it’s a breeze to play.

Ancient Spruce Bolivian Rosewood Tenor

The first thing you will notice is the color of this spruce. It comes with a certificate of it’s carbon dating being documented at 2,850 years old. It was buried for all those years up in Alaska and the minerals it collected give it this beautiful blueish green coloring and adds something special to the tone as well. This is paired with figured Bolivian rosewood sides and back, bound in flame maple and finished with a glassy beautiful finish.

Other features include a sleek slotted headstock with Gotoh Stealth 18:1 gear ratio tuners and a Spanish cedar neck which keeps the instrument nice and light weight. It also has Zac’s signature scalloped fretboard with makes for an extremely smooth feel.

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  1. I am currently having Zac custom build a concert for me. A true gentleman through and through. Very easy to work with. I can’t wait to play his scalloped fretboard.

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