Mike Love

Mike Love is an incredible musician with some truly beautiful albums you can find at his website here – mikelovemusic.com. He normally plays guitar but here’s a few videos featuring him on ukulele. The ukulele backs up a singer/ songwriter in a totally unique and wonderful way and Mike showcases that well here.

Mike has new songs every time I see him, and they’re always a musical and thought provoking experience.This one is extra special because it is the first written by him on the uke. Seems like a natural combo. He’s playing a Ko’olau T100 Ash.

This is a song that Mike just wrote. He recently got this Spruce/Rosewood Pepe Romero tenor and said it has him picking up the uke again. Many song writers have discovered the ukulele and how it inspires something no other instrument will. This is the first time Mike has played this, so we get a real treat here from one of the most musical and prolific artists from Hawaii. When Mike came after work with this song it had a loop and more layers than you hear. I had to talk him into adapting it and just doing it acoustic, even though the layering at the end was amazing. But I’m not set up like a studio. Pretty much I just record acoustics. Cool thing is Mike’s songs always stand on their own. He’s a master of musical technology but he doesn’t need any power supply to captivate us.

2010, I challenged Mike to come up with a uke version with the last few hours of work. Mahalo to Mike for sharing his light.

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  1. One of my favourite artiste, Mike Love is, for me, an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The values through his music are quite in harmony with the ukulele and the musical universe that goes with it. I hope that many more mike love videos will be realized.
    Thanks for all these fantastic videos which are already online !

  2. Mike came to Kohala Aina fest two years ago and everyone who went is still talking about his performance. I stood in the crowd with my friend and we shouted in each other’s ear “What’s he doing?” “I don’t know, but it’s amazing!!!” Really looking forward to his set again this year. Hopefully he’ll bring the whole band.

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