Daniel Ho

Tia and Daniel are old friends that grew up together in Hawaii. They stopped by our hotel room at the music trade show NAMM 2017 and played a few songs for us. Daniel is playing his signature model Romero Creations Tiny Tenor.

Another recoding from NAMM ’17. You know Jerome from Makaha Sons. Daniel… master of accompaniment, so musical, these two.

This is one of a number of new models from Pepe’s Romero Creations line, a line that Daniel helped create. He shows us how this wonderful and affordable tenor can sound and goes over some features that makes this instrument unique.

2014 NAMM on “Little Pepe” 6 string

Daniel also has killer sound samples at our website for many of the Romero Creations ukes headed by luthier Pepe Romero Jr. Here’s his Tiny Tenor in mahogany.

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