Kamaka is the most famous and longest standing ukulele company. In fact they are the oldest family run business in Hawaii. Samuel Kamaka was building ukuleles from just after turn of the 20th century. He wasn’t fully satisfied with the tone he was getting so in 1910, Sam Sr. left Hawai‘i on a ship and headed to Europe to see how they were making the stringed instruments in countries like Spain and Italy. When he came back he started Kamaka Ukulele in 1916.

Kamaka has gone on to provide Hawaii and the world with quality ukuleles for over 100 years now. Chris, Casey, and Fred Jr. now run Kamaka even though Sam Jr. and Fred Sr. are still with them. They have made significant technological upgrades and advancements over the years and offer some of the most consistent and musical instruments you will find.

We regularly get new batches of Kamaka but usually sell out very quickly. If we have any in stock you will find them HERE.

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  1. I’ve been playing fretted instruments for over 30 years and I consider my Kamaka concert among the best I’ve played. The concert size is very comfortable for me, it produces a very sweet tone and has outstanding playability. It’s the perfect uke for me.

  2. I have trouble walking past my concert size Kamaka without picking it up and playing it. It’s everything I hoped it would be. I love it!

  3. Want to be informed, about Kamaka Products and Prices and shipping costs to Belgium/Europe.

  4. I have two Kamaka Ukulele’s: a Tenor-4 that I purchased in 1995, and a Baratone that I purchased in 2005. Both are still beautiful and get played as often as I can get to them.

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