Episode 17 – David Ingalls from Ono Ukulele

David makes fantastic ukes in Oregon and we have a featured builder page for him HERE.

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  1. I recently purchased a KALA Baritone Ukulele from theukulelesite.com at the recommendation of a friend. My friend checked the setup and said it was ‘spot on’. I am a beginner and am enjoying the ‘beginner lessons’ on the Ukulele review site. I am off to a good start and they have given me the confidence I needed. Looking forward to many years of fun. Many thanks. Bobbie.

  2. Hello to the guys from the Ukulele Site, I like your Podcasts very much. This one is very interessting for me. Actually I have not got an Ono Uke – but I like these Ono ukes very much. For me it seems that Mr. Ingalls build outstanding ukes for an affortable Price. The Sound of them is so sweet, the ukes are singing – also in the higher notes the tone is so beautiful, sometimes for me it sounds like a piano – incredible. Hope that you will make more podcasts with builders of Ukuleles – perhabs with Chuck moore. It is very interessting for me to hear what kind of philsophy they have when they build an Instrument – this brings an Instrument to life too.

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  3. Hello Andrew, this is great. I think I’ve seen all the podcasts you’ve done so far. As I wrote – the podcasts about and with builders of Ukeleles like David Ingells or Pete Howlett are something special for me. I admire their craftsmanship and have great respect for their skills. I also feel this respect and appreciation for your counterpart in your way of talking with them. Have to thank you for this. …. and I am looking forward for more Podcasts on your site. Bettina

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