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We have a featured builder page on Peter Lieberman’s Maui Music line already from a batch a few years ago and you can see those models HERE.

This is a look at a few of his recent build styles. Peter’s always switching things up. He’s putting lots of sound ports in these days, which just adds to the openness in tone. He’s incorporating his classic headstock wave and also the open headstock. Very cool stuff. As we get more we’ll come back here and share. Enjoy!

Fun shot of Peter back in the day hangin’ with Willie K and Mike Carrol.

Concert Long Neck

These are “raw” sound samples with no compression of mastering. Use quality headphones or monitors for most accurate sound.

Peter has been building ukuleles for 34 years now and we are always glad to get his ukes. This one has the classic MM headstock design. It plays easy all the way up the fretboard with a lovely, traditional Hawaiian sound. It has a 16″ radius fretboard, very slight radius but it feels great! It’s light in weight, a treat to the eyes, and just a truly a fantastic custom long neck concert ukulele.

A long neck concert has the neck length of a tenor ukulele with a concert size body. It retains the intimate sound of a concert while giving the feel of a tenor and a little more of an articulate projection than your regular concert.

Mango Deluxe Concert

This custom concert has classic Hawaiian tone and looks amazing with abalone shell for the rosette and purfling, a beautiful figured mango wood body, side sound port, radius fingerboard, and a nitrocellulose gloss finish.

This ukulele is bound in koa wood with purfling with green wood fiber and gorgeous abalone shell. It has a radius fingerboard for extra comfort when chording and the Gotoh UPT tuners for a classic look of a friction peg but with the 4 to 1 gear ratio for smooth tuning and stability.

Koa Tenor Cutaway

This is a deluxe koa tenor with a Florentine cutaway. It features the cool Maui Music oval sound hole and beautiful abalone purfling inlay and rosette.Peter uses rosewood for his saddle and nut material and it adds more warmth the naturally bright tones in a koa ukulele.

We usually get some Maui Music a few times a year. You can check for those to be in stock at The Ukulele Site – HERE.

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  1. I have a pre-fire soprano by Mr. Lieberman. It is one of the greatest classic Hawaiian sounding sopranos I have ever played. Somehow, each pluck of the string goes straight to your heart.

  2. The concert long neck you have is lovely. How much does it cost? It’s the kind I’m looking for.
    I love the clarity of the chords and since I’m primarily a chord player, this means something.
    It’s also good for singing which I do.

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