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Contest Rules

1. Submit one to three comment(s) on any post or page here from October 12-20. If you submit more than three you will be disqualified.
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Where to comment

Featured Builders
This is a new section of the site that we are still building on. It features many of our most popular ukulele brands and custom builders. Each page gives an overview of the builders instruments with pictures video and write up going over their unique aspects.

Even though we haven’t added lots of reviews recently it’s something we are getting back into. We do have a new section featuring our Podcasts with the audio and often videos and information included. We also have a new section called Russ’s Reviews. Russ Southard has written for various guitar websites and magazines and when he fell in love with the uke we recruited him to write some reviews for us.

Our lessons pages also allow comments and questions so feel free to let us know your thoughts on those pages as well.

This is a section I definitely need to add on to but these are artists that we have recorded and it’s certainly not hard to say some things about this collection of talent.

Aloha to all our friends in the ukulele community. We wanted to encourage comments because they can often be quite useful. Many of the things we say or write here are just experienced opinions. But we know there are many experienced opinions out there and we’d like you to share your experiences and questions. Mahalo for engaging with us and for your support at our online store The Ukulele Site.


Congratulations to the 10 lucky winners.

Angie Avard, Alec Wight, Rick Greenie, Andrew Moffatt, Vincent DeMichael, Gary Yoshida, Ronald Delyser, Joseph Freeman, Harry Jackson, & Nancy Fitch

Your $200 store credit has been put in at your account at The Ukulele Site. Mahalo to all for participating and joining in on the conversation here. Stay tuned for more. Aloha!

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  1. I have purchased two Koaloha ukuleles from The Ukulele Site in the last two years. Both times I called and talked , usually with Andrew, about which ukuleles sounded good and asked about which one he’d recommend for me. After finding out about my playing style etc. , he would make a recommendation. Also, he gave me info about any upgrades etc that I might want. I AM SO PLEAsEd with both purchases! I like them better than a uke that cost almost twice as much! Listening and comparing the ukes on their website is really a great bit of technology. Anytime I’ve called, I am greeted by a pleasant, knowledgeable person. I recommend your site to all of my uke friends.

  2. I had the good fortune to study ukulele with one of the Koaloha artists, Neal Chin, for about a year before he moved away from Eugene. I love the way his ukulele sounds! It produces such a beautiful, rich tone. I know this is a combination of artist and instrument. I look forward to the time when I can purchase one. In the meantime – I practice. Happy playing everyone.

  3. Over the years, I’ve purchased ukuleles from various makers and various retail stores. By far, the best place for my money remains The Ukulele Site. When anyone asks me for a recommendation on where to buy their next ukulele, I invariably steer them to The Ukulele Site. I think I’m getting a handle on my UAS, but it doesn’t stop me from looking!!

  4. I bought a Pono MC and a Cordoba baritone ukuele two years ago and am still thoroughly satisfied. After having used both Aquila and Worth, I’d say I have to go with Worth– a richer, warmer tone. I do love my concert-sized because it is the perfect fit for me, but I can’t help but have a soft spot for the deep, beautiful sounds of the baritone. The Ukulele Site was amazing with customer service and I would recommend buying from them to anyone.

  5. I have learned multiple songs by watching the Ukulele Site’s amazing youtube tutorials. I have learned “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” from Corey and multiple songs from Aaron including “What a Wonderful World” and the Family Guy theme song. I LOVED learning from these two through video because regular ukulele tabs don’t provide enough context– the rhythm, tone, and dynamic of the song is lost. Also, both Corey and Aaron were so friendly and encouraging in their tutorials. Waiting for some good Christmas song tutorials! 🙂

  6. Last year, after viewing a uke on your site…I was lucky enough to buy and musical instrument that is also art ♡
    I bought a KALA spalted koa uke and the customer service I received was epic.
    When it arrived….it took my breath away. I can’t be happier !
    Your site is so informational. …..anything I’m searching for…is there.
    Thank you for being customer oriented !!

  7. Purchased a wonderful Kala concert electric. The set up was terrific and just the way I wanted it. Excellent service!

  8. I know the ukuleles and accessories I have bought from the Ukulele Site have been expertly chosen and set up before they’re sent to me in Australia. They always arrive in perfect condition . Prices are always lower than other overseas retailers of the same products, and the sound videos for each Ukulele are extremely helpful in making brand and size choices. Any future additions to my “ukulady” family will be from the Ukulele Site.

  9. After looking around on this website for about an hour clicking links every here and there. I have got to say you guys did a great job in this. It is definetly a very helpful tool for any use player seasoned or new. Love the layout, love the content, love the idea.

    The whole site has this harmonious feel to it. Really good job guys thank you very much for this amazing piece of work.

  10. Three years ago my daughter moved to Hawaii. First Kailua then Haleiwa. When I visit her my first stop is always The Ukulele Site. Best selection and great prices, plus the guys are a great help. Aaron has always given me great advice and Corey demoed the Pono I eventually bought. Thanks Ukulele Site for making my visits to Oahu so rewarding!

  11. I just want to add my 2-cents worth regarding the Ukulele Site. I have purchased three Ukuleles (all Ponos – two tenors and one soprano) from the Ukulele Site, and they have been wonderful . They arrived in perfect condition, and the setup was great. They play so well. I love the tone, the feel of the neck, and how they look. I couldn’t be happier.

  12. i really love the podcasts and the reviews. the reviews are comprehensive, informative and fun to watch. the podcasts give some great ideas on how to improvise and do soloing. the free tabs are great and easy to follow.

  13. When I looked into purchasing a Ukulele, Zach was extremely helpful. Not only did he give me his opinion on the Uke that I was interested in but suggested another which he felt resonated better than the one I was interested in and it was less expensive. The Uke Site didn’t want to sell me the most expensive uke or ones it wanted to get rid of to thin their stock but it appears that the sellers are very concerned about their customers needs.

  14. I belong to a ukulele band in Modesto California. When asked about purchasing a ukulele on line I always recommend the Ukulele Site as a sure way to get the best a ukulele can be due to the professional setup that’s done on all ukuleles before shipping. I have a KoAloha and its perfect.

  15. So I bought my first uke a Kala concert, I had many questions and the guys answered them quickly.. I would totally buy from here again… totally recommend for anyone interested in buying a uke to check them out…

  16. The new Ukulele Review looks great! I’m really excited that it’s now mobile friendly! I think I’ve downloaded just about every PDF sheet music that’s ever been uploaded here. They’re always great.

    I’ve also used the Ukulele Review in the past when deciding what K brand uke to order. I live 100’s of miles from any decent ukulele store and was making my purchase without ever holding on in my hands Using this site helped me to make an informed choice that I’m very pleased with!

    Also, it’s great to see more content in the one place. They’re really fun to listen to. I bet HMS has as much fun making them as I do listening to them! 🙂

    I look forward to see what new content will end up here. The only thing I might add….(this is more of a personal wish list thing and might not appeal to the masses!)…..but I’d love a few PDFs or lessons on hawaiian music. Hi’ilawe or perhaps :-). I can’t find any online resources for Hawaiian music on ukulele.

    All and all AMAZING job on the new site. I look forward to coming here more often. PS the new graphic is awesome! You guys went all out.

  17. I purchased two PONO ukuleles from The Ukulele Site, one was an 8 string Tenor and the other was a 4 string Baritone. The set up and price were excellent and so was the free delivery to Kauai. I started playing at the Senior Center in Kapaa with a ukulele I bought at Costco, a concert KALA and an entry baritone made by MAKALA ($70.00). What a difference the PONOs were over the ones I started with.

    1. I bought a Pono Tenor ATD-CR from The Ukulele Site last year and I have not picked up any of my other nine ukes since .

  18. I have a Kala Longneck soprano that I have purchased from the ukulele site with some prize money I won there and it plays almost by it self with there set up always recommend the Ukulele site , also love when I’m shopping with them to go to the description part of the instrument I’m looking at n hear one of the players play that Ukulele always thrills me to listen Aloha n Happy picking& Strumming J.Chaput

  19. I guess I’m a really bad man. I was in a Bay Area music store the other day to buy a new music stand and while looking for it I spotted a mother and daughter looking at a ukulele (the store had maybe a dozen modest looking ukuleles) and I told them about you guys and that the instruments actually being professionally setup. I know that’s being mean to the local store (it’s actually a chain) but I felt sorry for anybody buying those ukuleles.

  20. I have been following ukulele site 4 some time now and I Marvel at the selection of ukuleles available. I like the demos of the difference ukuleles that helps to pick the one you would like. My brother has moved to Hawaii in Kailua and I will soon be making a visit. I can’t wait to get there and visit the ukulele site and pick out a ukulele a bit better than the one I own.

  21. A couple of months ago, I purchased a Koaloha Opio Soprano. I purchased it because at that time, I was visiting an elderly patient in a nursing home and my existing ukulele I had always played for her was very old and the sound was very dim to the point where my patient wasn’t able to hear it that well, so after much debate, I decided to purchase the Koaloha Soprano.
    Needless to say, it was quite possibly the best purchase of my life. It was a very beautiful instrument and the sound was very crisp and clear. I played the ukulele for my patient until the very moment where she was moved into ICC and couldn’t even recognize me anymore.
    I am truly thankful for the music that the instrument had brought into both of our lives and I am truly thankful for the Ukulele Site for having such a beautiful instrument as well. Thank you

  22. I live in France and wanted to purchase a concert ukulele from a place where the ukulele tradition was alive and going strong. I was not disappointed. My choice after checking out the reviews was a Koaloha Opio Acacia Concert.
    It arrived in perfect condition and setup. It sounds as good as the review. Excellent.
    The only fly in the ointment was the delivery by DHL It seems as far as I can ascertain DHL is getting somewhat of a reputation for charging customs and handling charges. I had to pay an extra Euros 111 for delivery. It only ever happens with DHL. I have used other carriers and never been charged. I would suggest there should be choice of companies that deliver Worldwide.

  23. I visit this site just about every day watching the videos of each uke being played, not only to dream about what my next uke will be, but trying to mimic the songs that are played. When you live in an area like I do where Ukes are scarce and ability to play them before purchasing is not available, these videos are the next best thing.

  24. My last 4 instruments were purchased from HMS, 3 of which were within one year. (3 so far…) Those 3 happened to be Ponos. Why HMS? Frankly, they carry the most unique instruments. 2 of those Ponos have steel strings. 1 of those is an 8-string Nui tenor guitar. These instruments seem rare (I’ve never seen them anywhere else), but HMS (The Ukulele Site) has them, at excellent prices, too! A big selling point for me is listening to Kalei play them. I swear I’ll buy whatever that guy plays. I do appreciate that all their instruments are demo’d.

    On the support end, I’ve only ever had outstanding customer service. Zach gives great advice about strings, tunings, etc. Andrew always works with me with my always-changing shipping situation. (I’m often on deployments [I’m on one right now] and I never know exactly when I’ll be where. But he makes sure I get them!) l absolutely recommend HMS for all your uke needs. Their care and attention to detail & customer service are well worth the extra time it can take.

  25. I am so glad that you are continuing your efforts on expanding your Review site. When I first got interested in ukes, this was the most helpful place for professional comments and comparisons of different makers, sizes, woods, strings, etc. Reading through your pages has tought me so much. Basing my buying decisions on your reviews has never left me dissappointed. I think I might not be playing the ukulele anymore, if it wasn’t for all your helpful resources. In this sense, you have brought and continue to bring a lot of joy in my life. Thank you!

  26. I purchased a flat Wound Fremont low g, couldn’t believe I was spending 4 bucks on a string but it was well worth it. A lot of the low gs I have tried make my uke sound more like a toy instead of an instrument. This string made up the difference. And truth be told it comes long enough that if u r careful and cut it just right, u can get 2 strings from the 1.

  27. Hola everybody!!
    I bought a Pono uke mango Pineapple shape. Gorgeous instrument, sounds like angels!
    I’m from Spain and I use to talk with Zachary.
    I hope you are well guys.
    Best from Madrid

  28. Hi there from Valladolid (Spain). I have been an active customer for many years and bought at least half a dozen ukes from this gorgeous store. Andrew and Zach are allways there for you. Such great attention to details.
    I am glad you redesigned the Ukelelereview. It looks neat!

  29. I am really excited to have Ukulele Review as a resource. I bought a beautiful Kala from you last year and it arrived sooner than expected, beautifully set up, and ready to go. Since then I have purchased a case and tuner from you and have always been very happy with my purchases and service. Looking forward to some uke-ful info on this site!

  30. While I’m new to the ukulele world, I thoroughly enjoyed my buying experience with HMS. Zach patiently answered all of my newbie questions and steered me to the right instrument. The only ‘problem’ with the process was my impatience waiting for my uke to be setup and delivered – now they’ve even improved that. Great professional people to work with.

  31. The site looks good, and I’ll be bookmarking it for regular reference! I very recently ordered a KoAloha Opio Concert uke from The Ukulele Site. They were gracious enough to hold my order while I’m out of town until I can be home to receive it. From what I’ve read, and what I’ve experienced so far, this place is the real deal, with nothing to rival it. Keep it up, fellas!

  32. I really love what you’re doing and it’s so useful for me to have the possibility to get so much informations about ukulele. I hope this website will prosper and will have still more succes !
    Have a good day !
    Merci encore

  33. I’m pretty new to the ukulele and playing music in general but I’ve found the Beginner Lessons tab to be quite helpful as it has given me a place to start. I’m excited to keep progressing and watching the site progress as well! Cheers.

  34. Congratulations on this new version of The Ukulele Review Resource Center! HMS always offers the best experience in “all things ukulele”, so I’m happy to be able to explore this new Resource Center… I’ve been lucky enough to purchase TWO Pono ukes from “The Ukulele Site” and I’ve never been happier with a product or more satisfied with a retailer.

  35. I am planning to purchase a baritone ukulele and a banjolele this Christmas for my daughter. I have really enjoyed listening to all of your wonderful instruments and artists who demo them on your website. I love learning about the care and artistry that goes into each instrument. Keep up the great work!

  36. Short and Sweet…… LOVE this Company, phenomenal prices….. customer service rocks and quality of products is awesome! I love my 2 ukulele’s that I purchased, the set up on them is great!! Could not be happier with this company!!! You all ROCK!!!

  37. At 70, I decided to learn something new, so I chose the ukulele after seeing/hearing how great they sounded on YouTube videos. Google search led me to The Ukulele Site, where I found a great deal on a beginner uke, plus all the lessons and tutorials I needed to get started. That was 6 months ago. I enjoy playing it daily and have become quite accomplished thanks to The Ukulele Site.

  38. I love my Kala baritone uke. It’s definitely a center of attention. I’ve got it displayed on my wall and it always turns heads. Big thanks to the ukulele site it came in great condition set up ready to go. Can’t wait to add another to my growing collection.

  39. I was searching for strings for my old Kamaka concert ukulele and decided to contact HMS for their opinion. They kindly replied with a few suggestions, one of which was the Fremont brand. I’m very impressed with these strings. The sound is clear and focused and equally important to me the tension is low for my aging hands.
    Thank you HMS.

  40. I’ve purchased two Pono’s from The Ukulele Site. The set up is excellent, and when I explained I wanted a separate strap button because I didn’t like using the input for a strap button, they were happy to oblige.

  41. I recently purchased a KALA KA-ASAC-B SOLID ACACIA BARITONE ukulele and I can’t rave enough about my experience. I asked for Worth strings and they were installed with no additional charge. I also requested a ship-by date because of an event I was attending and my uke arrived with a day or two to spare. The customer service was always prompt and helpful and I have recommended the site to many of my ukulele friends!

  42. I purchased a Kala ka-asac Solid acacia baritone with a Mi-si pick-up. I am very satisfied with the finish, look and sound of this model. The Mi-si Trio pick-up also sounds great through my amp. It’s amazing how long a 60 second charge to the Mi-si lasts in actual playing (hours). I do have a question: could you tell me what brand of strings came with this model, as that infromation was not included with the invoice?

    1. Post
  43. Bought two ukes through here. Both among the best set-up that I own. Great store, great service and great info!

  44. I purchased a Kala tenor travel uke from you a few months ago, and had it set up with a low G string–it’s been my go-to uke since I got it, and many thanks to Zach for being so helpful throughout the whole process, and for the great set-up work you folks did!

  45. I have been a loyal customer of The Ukulele Site for many years. I purchased a U Bass from them for my husband and was very pleased with the service. I have referred friends to them as well, and they’ve been pleased with the quality of the instruments and the expert setup in addition to the personable service. I love the way the site is laid out and that I’m able to listen to experts play the instruments they sell. Keep up the good work! The site and service keeps getting better and better!

  46. I recently purchased my first “real” ukulele from the Ukulele Site (a Kala cedar top electric) and I can’t believe what a difference it makes to not only have a quality instrument, but to also have it set up so nicely. I played a lot before with my beginner uke, but now I’m seriously addicted! I’m learning more and more fingerstyle melodies and it’s such a fun and relaxing endeavor– even my wife and son enjoying listening to me play! My hope is to keep improving and be able to justify an upgrade to my next ukulele… 🙂

  47. -My first purchase from The Ukulele Site, I lived in Florida and the ukulele was delivered on the 3rd day. It took 10 days to get something from California.

    -I have purchased 4 ukuleles from The Ukulele Site all the set-ups have been excellent. No room for any improvement.

    -They are courteous and concerned about your special needs and will ship you exactly what you ask for with their own special personal touch.

  48. I purchased a Pono Ukulele from the Ukulele Site and had some specific requests/needed guidance. The team at the store and warehouse was amazing at answering questions, guiding me in the right direction towards a Ukulele that I love dearly.

  49. Love my ukulele! The service, shipping, care and support with the web site are all fantastic.

  50. Hello, while searching for a ukulele I stumbled upon the shop on the north shore. Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable , so much so that when I got back to the mainland I put in an order. I liked the updates on the process and was more than happy with my kalaa~ aloha

  51. As a customer and avid lurker on the Ukulele Site, I really am enjoying the redesign of the Ukulele Review. Further, I think this redesign will be helpful as I often direct my high school students your resources to find well thought-out materials for their ukulele playing endeavors. Thank you for bringing quality ukuleles, accessories, and resources to my students.

  52. Hello and congrats on the new design! Previously bought two ukes and case from you. Couldn’t be happier with your products or your service, and will definitely be back. One thing I’m noticing today is I can’t see any of the pictures on this site, nor on your retail site. Could it be a MacBook issue? I don’t know.

    Someone on the Ukulele Underground forum was interested in an Ohana ebony ukulele, particularly the sound/qualities of the black and white ebony. I remembered some (Pono I think?) B/W ebonies on your site and wanted to link. But I can’t see the pictures to verify.

    Hope it’s just a temporary thing.


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  53. I purchased the most beautiful Baritone Ukulele from the Ukulele Site about a year back. Before buying this ukulele, all ukulele I had previously played may have been toys.

    Mahalo The Ukulele Site

  54. In December 2012 I was looking for my first ukulele. I was an absolute beginner and virtually clueless as to what I should be looking for in a quality entry-level instrument. I stumbled across The Ukulele Site and sent them a message asking for help. Andrew kindly responded and introduced me to the Pono line. I selected the Pono AT. When it arrived I found it to be all that I had hoped for. The setup was perfect and the instrument had a beautiful tone. Five years later it remains my instrument of choice even though I now have others the choose from. Thank you.

  55. I purchased a Kala tenor from the Ukulele Site a couple of months ago, and it’s been an absolute beauty to play. The setup is spot-on and it’s so nice to see instruments being cared for, rather than hastily put together for profit (cough cough, corporate music stores). The folks at the Ukulele Site really know their stuff, and they’re extremely accommodating in terms of answering questions and concerns. I had to wait a couple of weeks for my Kala to arrive, but it was well worth the wait. Definitely would recommend this site to anyone who’s interested in these gorgeous little instruments.

  56. I happened onto this website when searching for a first ukulele. The selection was first rate and the professional set up included with the purchase sealed the deal! Thanks for the personal and professional approach! Glenn Reynolds

  57. I have recently purchased a wonderful Pono tenor ukulele and I could not be happier with. The ukulele came in ready to go with a great setup and just as described. I will be definitely a repeat customer when it comes to buying my baritone!
    Thanks guys!!!

  58. I bought two wonderful Pono ukes from The Ukulele Site. I searched the internet for over a month pricing and considering options. I contacted the Ukulele site more than once and spoke to Andrew and Aaron listing my concerns. I made the purchases and have been thankful ever since. I’m now considering another uke or two. Like George Harrison said, you can’t have too many ukes!

  59. I cannot wait to witness and experience all of amazing things The Ukulele Site prides itself on. I’ve heard nothing short of excellence and I’ve been wanting to purchase a new ukulele from you guys for quite some time now. I think I’ve gone on the website so many times google has made it a bookmarked page on its own. I’m always curious to see what new stuff you’re bringing in, but it sure makes it difficult to decide on just one ukulele!

  60. I have bought 3 ukuleles now from The Ukulele Site, 1 tenor and 2 baritones all Pono. The customer care is top notch with these people as are the instruments.

  61. I wanted to purchase a quality, but reasonably priced, Ukulele for my teenage daughter who had wanted one for quite some time. I choose to look outside Pennsylvania to where the tradition runs deep, and after much research on the internet, the Ukulele Site, was unquestionably the place to look. Being a novice myself, I was grateful for the extensive descriptions, reviews and videos where one could hear the actual instrument played. I choose the KALA KA-SSLNG GLOSS SOPRANO LONGNECK SPRUCE TOP and HAVE NOT been disappointed. My daughter is tickled with the ease of play and I love the warm sound. We will be purchasing again from the Ukulele Site, though the next time I may call and get some input of which direction to go – having expert advice from people who have such attention to detail is always welcomed.

  62. Love these Guys and have purchased several Ukuleles from them. My favorite is my KoAloha but I have purchased several lesser expensive Ukuleles from these Guys and I have always received an exceptional product (as they do “the Setup” to maximize the quality of the sound). I have recommended theukulelesite.com to many of my friends and if you are looking for a new Ukulele, this is the place to go! Your only problem is figuring out which Ukulele is best for you and the staff can help you with this too.

  63. I live in Washington State. Recently my daughter Jade fell for a Hawaiian man who plays the ukulele. She told me she wanted to learn. Being a good father I researched ukuleles and came up with your website. After listening to many of the ukuleles being played on you website, and after speaking with your people, I bought an upper end Kanilea for my Jade. Problem is I fell in love with the instrument and bought myself a Kanilea. When they arrived at my house I was overwhelmed at the beauty and the preparatory work prior to shipping.
    To complete my story, I gave Jade her new ukulele and let her boyfriend, Mike, play mine. Mike wrote Jade a couple love songs and they played them together for me to hear. Long story short, my ukulele told me it belonged to my daughters boyfriend Mike. I gave it to him and now I am enjoying my guitar.

    I love the way you work at the Ukulele Site. I am forever a fan.

    Maybe soon I will purchase an Ukulele for myself.

    Ed Kelly

  64. I wanted a new concert ukulele and turned to the reviews to choose my Cordoba. I love it. I learned valuable information before I decided what to purchase.

  65. I recently purchased a Kanilea Kuuipo ukulele from The Ukulele Site, it is not like me to purchase anything this expensive on line and especially not from an overseas company. I live in New Zealand and the choice of ukulele brands available in store here are limited, so I had to cast my eye internationally to find what I was after. I am glad, I stumbled upon this site. Initially I was looking for a Pono ukulele. This site was great in describing each uke with the photos, the descriptions and more importantly the videos so I could hear how each uke sounded. Reading the comments left by other customers also gave me the confidence to purchase from this site. As I said I discovered this site with the intention of purchasing a Pono ukulele which I believed I had found and was ready to buy until I looked around at the other ukulele on this site, then I spotted the Kanilea Kuuipo and fell in love, I always wanted to own a Hawaiian made uke. The purchasing of this uke from this site (an overseas site for me) was hassle free. Any queries I had pre-purchasing were answered quickly. I was able to track the delivery of my uke and see where it was at each stage. When the ukulele arrived it excedeed my expectations, as good as the ‘actual’ photos were online, they paled in comparison to the real deal, it is soooo beautiful. It has a good feel to it and is easy to play, I love how this uke sounds and as the years go by the sound will only get better. I have 5 ukulele including a Pono, a Cordoba, a couple of Oscar Schmidts and a Martin, this ukulele is by far my favourite to date. I would highly recommend this site to anyone looking to purchase a uke and it is now my go to place should I wish to purchase again.

  66. I purchased a Ukulele off another website and was unhappy with my purchase when I received it. After a few back and forth emails about how I was unhappy with the setup, I was finally about to return it. Purchasing from The Ukulele Site was a far more pleasant experience and I am elated with the setup they performed and the sound quality from the ukulele I received. Much thanks to a wonderful staff!

  67. I love the new review page! I have been looking to buy a ukulele from you folks. I have to wait for enough funds to become available, since I am retired and living on Social Security. In the meantime, I was given a Tenor Ukulele from a friend. I am interested, now, in ordering some instructional videos or resources that you could recommend from your site. Your contest for a $200 credit would really help me toward my goal of ordering another ukulele. I believe that I would like to obtain a new Electric, concert ukulele and would appreciate your recommendations, I am a beginner, but do play guitar. Thank you!

  68. My Kala KA-CE Concert was set up excellently when I received and I’ve never had a minute’s problem with it. Love my Kala and recommend theukulelesite.com without reservation.
    Congratulations on your site revision!

  69. I love the selection and service on the Ukulele Site. The KoAloha I recently bought came in excellent condition with a perfect setup. I’m hoping the updated resource center will help me to learn how to play the damn thing a little better!

  70. Thanks for bringing back the REVIEW ,its been a long time coming. I expect hours of entertainment and a wealth of knowledge ! Aloha brother.

  71. Bought my Kala uke in 2014 and still love it. Setup was great and shipping was super fast. The only place to buy ukeleles.

  72. I have purchased 3 Ukes, (1) Kala Tenor and (2) Pono Tenor from The Ukulele Site. I think the variety in quality and price as well as the knowledgeable team far outweighs any other Ukulele Shop I’ve been to or even seen online. The customer service has always been great and all 3 Uke’s were sent to me set up as I had requested. It’s very clear The Ukulele Site Team has knowledge and a strong passion for the Uke.

    I also love the Resources Page with so much information to give us without a price.

    Mahalos to all of you

  73. I’m enjoying exploring the new site. One suggestion – on the home page some of the videos will begin playing even if I don’t click on it. I find this annoying. I would prefer that videos only play if I specifically click on it to play.

    1. Post

      I agree. Couldn’t figure it out. I did the site myself but I might need to have a developer look at it for that specific purpose. Spent a few nights already trying to solve that. But thanks for the feedback, hopefully it will be that way soon.

  74. I’m a new-ish customer, having purchased a Kala KA-SRT-CTG-E in July — what a difference between getting an ‘ukulele that has been professionally set-up versus what other shops provide. It’s definitely worth the wait. I’m discovering your videos, a real plus for a beginner like myself. Mahalo!

  75. After watching your videos on YouTube I have truly crazed for the Pono ukes. They are beautiful instruments which delivers wonderfully. I am interested in purchasing but in the meantime I can only dream until I have the means to purchase it.

  76. It was really a great help to be able to listen to the uke being played when I was ready to make a purchase, it helped me choose which one.

  77. I can’t say enough good things about what a wonderful resource the Ukulele Site (aka HMS) is to me and many other ukulele lovers! I have been using their free resource center for about a two years now, and particularly appreciate Aaron”s tutorials because his teaching style matches my learning style. I have been working to learn Guava Jam from him, and never dreamed that I could learn this piece until he broke it down into sections for us. Mahalo Aaron & HMS!!!

  78. Kerstin Lammer from Freiburg, Germany

    Although the Ukulele Site is located as farbaway as possible from where I live, right on the opposite side of the earth, their website is by far the best source of information and instruction on ukuleles for me. Not only the descriptions, reviews and demo-videos of many of the best ukuleles in different price-ranges are extremely helpful. I find it really gracious to be offered all those lessons and the free TABs on top! Mahalo, Guys! If I may make one recommendation: There are a couple of great demos and TABs for really great but pretty advanced pieces on the site, I love for example Corey‘s arrangement of John Mayer‘s „The heart of life“ – but they are hard to play, and Corey‘s quick playing is hard to follow . It would be absolutely wonderful to have little tutorials on those added.
    All the best to the Ukulelesite! Kerstin

    1. Post
    2. I’d like to 2nd Kerstin’s suggestion for simpler tabs and tutorials. I’ve purchased two new ukes (an Islander concert and a Pono MT) directly from HMS via their website, and have acquired a couple of second hand ukes (a Collings UT-1 and Opio Concert) originally sold and setup by HMS. Nothing reassures a buyer of a second hand uke like the HMS seal-of-approval! I have nothing but praise for the comprehensive and informative theukulelesite.com, with it’s curated selection of quality ukes, informative descriptions, quality photos and sound samples. I also like the design and special features and articles on The Ukulele Review, but wish there was more tab and tutorial content geared toward intermediate/advance intermediate players like myself who are looking to develop their technique.
      Again, love your work and wish you all the success. Todd

  79. I love my Pono concert mango. There are few stores in my area that sell ukuleles, and all the same few models that didn’t appeal to me, but to widen my search I would have to give up trying the instrument out personally. Enter the Ukulele Site, which made online shopping viable for me. The sound samples (for every single model they sell!) made the decision on what to buy deliciously difficult (and a lot of fun for subsequent fantasy purchases). I can’t say enough good things. They held my hand during the entire process, getting back with answers to my questions and assurances to my worries quickly and kindly. If/when I buy another uke, this will be the first place I go to.

  80. After purchasing 3 ukuleles for my kids from another store, and being less than impressed with service and set up, I was referred to Ukulele Site. Found and purchased my gorgeous Kala Concert Uke and couldn’t be happier with every step of the process from the layout of the website, the ability to hear and compare the different ukuleles, the set up (amazing!) and the shipping! You’ve made a life long customer. Thank you!!

  81. The Ukulele Site is the one and only place to find the kind of help and support you need when purchasing or learning how to play an ukulele. There seems to be nothing you can’t get help with. A friendly phone call or the online tutorials have been outstanding. Any question I may have about my ukulele and accessories or playing is answered very professionally. I Thank You all for great service.

  82. The US Fish and wildlife has banned the exportation of rosewood internationally, and living in Tahiti, i never could get my order of a Kala-stge-solid spruce top cutaway electric, was kind of desappointed, but law is law…

    1. Post
  83. Last year I purchased a Luna Tattoo tenor ukulele and I absolutely love it! The HMS setup sounds incredible and it took a lot of the guesswork out of setting up my ukulele. I decided to buy a ukulele after watching Mike Love play No Regrets on a video on the website. Since last April my playing has significantly increased and I have fallen in love with the ukulele!! Thank you Guys so much you are awesome!

  84. Just finished watching Joel’s uke setup vid. I was impressed how much you all go through to setup your ukes. Really a value add. Plus I learned a little on how to improve my ukes setups. Thanks for the great info! Rick H

  85. Will only by my new ukulele from these guys. Can’t wait to get back to the shop in person.

  86. A year ago I bought my Pono Tenor Ukulele from The Ukulele Site. I reside in Virginia but I never felt “disconnected “ through the process. The set up of the instrument was spot on. It takes a bit to get your Ukulele but they let you know where in the set up process your Ukulele is at. It was well worth the wait. Quality and attention to detail. I love my Pono!

  87. Bought my first ukulele from this site! The staff was so super helpful and understanding, it was great! When I had issues with my first ukulele, they were very helpful and allowed me to replace it for free. Pretty impressive change from the usual customer service you get when buying things online! A year later, I am still impressed with my ukulele and play it every day.

  88. I developed arthritis in my left thumb which derailed my 7-10 hours of practice each week that I journaled about for years. The emotional impact was worse than the loss of skill. This is what led me to the ukulele.

    It’s been like a second lease on musical life.

    The ukulele site and team were terrific in helping me avoid the pattern of multiple purchases where the “starter” uke now needs upgrade.

    They knew I was serious and guided me to the Pono line and now I’m ready for a second.

    Customer service is seconf to none.

  89. I purchased my Kala ukulele from The Ukulele Site a couple of years ago. It is an entry level model, but has been a great instrument. I’ll be looking to upgrade to a better uke real soon.

  90. Got my first all solid ukulele. Got a Pono based on ….
    – scanning through the reviews on ‘The Ukulele Site’
    – Aaron’s enthusiasm for the brand
    – the truss rod
    – the Company’s treatment of employee’s based on the information from the Company video
    – the parent Company being Ko’olau and the expectation of the quality being carried down to Pono
    – the use of sustainable wood

    What was delivered was a beautiful ukulele without a flaw, swaddle like a baby in its package, and with a setup that was perfect! It was all that I was led to expect, and the customer service was great.

  91. I’ve been playing guitar for nearly 30 years. In 2013, I decided that I wanted to buy and learn the ukulele. Google searching quickly brought me to theukulelesite.com. The site made it easy to narrow down my options and the responsiveness of emails I sent to the group for additional information and opinions was timely and detailed.

    In 2016 I took the family to Hawaii for vacation and made sure to plan a visit to the store. I ended up purchasing an acacia wood Pono tenor with the help of Andrews guidance and I absolutely love it!

    No way ever, would I even think about purchasing a ukelele from anywhere else. With focused attention to detail, free setup, knowledgeable employees and an awesome podcast…what more could anyone ask for?

  92. I agree. Andrew helped me with string selection on my recent purchase of a Kamaka HF-2. I went with his recommendation and I’m glad I did.

  93. Purchased my Pono MT three years ago from HMS. The setup was absolutely flawless which makes it so easy to play up and down the fret board. Will definitely buy my next uke again from the Ukulele Site.

  94. After trying out some cheap Uke I finally found The Ukulele site. As a beginner I am so totally happy with my Luna Hono Soprano. Its rich sound alone motivates me to go on playing even though still beginning. Once I get better, I definitely plan on buying an eight string from this site evetually.
    Many recommendations outspoken to many friends who liked my Luna.

  95. Love the new website got lost for hours and didn`t want to find my way home. Lot`s of info and lot`s of fun .I also appreciate the friendly service and quick response from your staff regarding my decision to purchase a Cordoba 30 t ce .

  96. Hawaii Music Supply is the “place” for ukuleles, information, and lessons. Its amazing on the number of brands and models they carry. I just love my Kala tenor ukulele that I purchased back in the day when the store was in Wahiawa. Keep up the great work you do.

  97. Hello two all the great people from Hawaii Music Supply, in the past I bought a Pono Tenor Acacia Uke´s and some others like a Kala Acacia Tenor from the Ukulele Site. The Service and the Setup of the ukes was extremly good. I am a great fan of your shop and what you are doing. Music and perhaps Ukuleles makes the world a better place. Since I am playing this Instrument I get something back which I had lost for many years. Playing the uke calms me down, makes me happy when I am down! I think that this is one of the best Shops in the World for bying this Instrument – the Videos with the Sound samples from each uke are great to make a decision – actually I am dreaming of an Ono Uke – the last one you sold a few days ago was out of stock before I had any chance to buy it.

  98. I’m new to the Ukulele, about 6 months, after 50+ years playing guitar. I got a Kala MGM commerative after working with Andrew. Also had a pickup installed and couldn’t be happier. It rocks! Yes there are some amps and pedal boards laying around. The lessons have really helped since I really didn’t have a clue on what to do. Aaron “cool chords” keeps me stretching the old fingers!

  99. Wow! I just finished the podcast#11 at the Resource Center. Andrew is interviewing Kalei & Zach about the nuts and bolts on improvising on the ukulele. Even if you don’t feel you are ready to try improvisation yet, I highly recommend that you check this podcast to get a feel for where you can take your music making!!! Thanks HMS for yet another meaningful step way beyond just selling stuff.

  100. I love window shopping at HMS., the amount of information they make available for each ukulele they carry is impressive. From the detailed photos of the actual uke to a lengthy description of the product , your never left wondering. Last but not least is the ability to hear the instrument played in the hands of a talented musician.
    Well done!

  101. Purchased a Tenor Ukulele last fall for my daughter. Whenever she lets one of her college friends use it, they say, “this is the nicest ukulele I have ever played!” The setup from the Ukulele site is amazing. Highly recommend!

  102. Have been a satisfied customer and follower for several years. I find the “flat” recordings on featured instruments very helpful and always look forward to them, especially those by Corey. I’d love to see expanded content on the baritone since I just bought a PONO PC series slot-head tenor and am looking forward to getting the most out of it!

  103. For the past couple of months I had been shopping around for Hawaiian made, Hawaiian koa ukes to get as memorial instruments for my grandparents who lived in Hawaii for a while and learned to play ukulele while there. I live in the Midwest, so testing out these high-end instruments on my own was not an option. After spending countless hours listening to the highest quality recordings and comparisons I could find online, I settled on Kanile’a. The Ukulele Site was by far the most helpful with their fantastic audio quality, description, reviews, and interviews. I spent so much time on their site I feel like I know the guys! After calling Andrew and having a detailed discussion with him about their pool of Kanile’a ukes, I felt completely at ease getting a pair of super concerts that I hadn’t even held. I am a full-time musician, so the sound had to be pristine, and both instruments are absolutely stunning. The pictures of the actual instruments were a huge help too. And I have to agree with Andrew, the pictures did not do these beauties justice. My family is amazed by these ukes, and now I have instruments worth passing down for generations. I hope to visit one day to shake everyone’s hands!

  104. This summer I visited Hawaii and got the chance to visit The Ukulele Site store. There were beautiful ukuleles, and I got to try out so many of them. The staff was very friendly and helpful, also very talented ukulele players. It was an awesome experience, and I wish I could have bought another ukulele, but to spare my wallet (that CAD to USD conversion is rough), I just bought a really nice hard case for one of my ukes. Would love to return to the store and Hawaii again, and I will definitely buy my next ukulele from the site.

  105. As a beginner, I really appreciated the “set-up” process. It gave me confidence that I could count on my new instrument as I began my journey into the world of ukulele.

  106. All of my dad’s kids got a gift from him when he retired from the military as a ‘thank you’ for putting up with all the ick that comes with that. He and I went halves on a beautiful Cordoba tenor from the Ukulele Site’s physical store in Haleiwa. It is my first ukulele. A little too big for my fingers, if I’m being honest, but struggling with it is making me a much better player and the sound is worth it. I think Aaron was helping the store that day, he asked me what kind of sound I liked, and I said “rich, full tone” and he just plucked this one from the wall without a second’s pause and I fell in love. The service and help we got that day was excellent. The ukulele itself is excellent. When I have money to spare (of course I want a concert size too!), the next instrument is definitely going to be purchased from them even though I am on the mainland now. I trust them to set up the ukulele and the sound samples they provide on the website really helps with deciding on an instrument, I’ve been able to narrow down to two or three favorites.

    Love what you do. Keep up the great work.

  107. Thanks to the Ukulele Site, I was able to get a good uke that wasn’t offered at mainstream stores

  108. I bought my first ever uke while in Maui last May, a fine tenor with a low G as I wanted a more guitar-like sound. Four months later I had a hankering for a higher pitched uke. I thought I might want to try a concert uke. I came across the Ukulele Review, which really helped me to narrow my search. Luckily I found some of the recommendations at a guitar store, like Kala, Luna, Cordoba, Mitchell, both concert and tenor. I realized a tenor would still suit me better, so perhaps a high G would work. Still, I wasn’t satisfied with what they had at the store. So then I found the Ukulele Site through here – such a smorgasborg of fantastic sounding ukes!

    After much research I decided to take a gamble ordering online. I got a beautiful Pono MGT mango tenor from the Ukulele Site. The MGT is bright and crisp, resonant and so much fun to play each day. The videos do not do it justice (though still helped a lot) – it sounds even better in your hands! It’s great for strumming and especially fingerpicking, which really touches my soul.

    I may not be a luthier, but I am an artist and I can tell impeccable craftsmanship when I see, hear and feel it. I do prefer to try an instrument before I buy so I had a little bit of anxiety about what I would receive, and just placed my trust in the videos, reviews, and reputation of Pono, Ukulele Review and Ukulele Site/Hawaii Music Supply folks. I’m so glad that my gamble paid off!

  109. Your videos with the pros playing the ukes are great! Shows what beautiful music can be made with a uke!!

  110. The variety and abundance of information that TUS/HMS provides, whether you are advanced or just starting, shows an uncommon generosity in this field. I am one who goes deep for information. The Resource Center, as well as information specific to each product, has consistently expanded my personal understanding of woods, strings, techniques, tunings, care and maintenance, and so much more. This generosity and their meticulous set-up makes the “shopping distance” a non-issue as far as I’m concerned. Got a question? They’ll help you out professionally and pleasantly. I’d only buy from them.

    One last thing…yesterday on NPR’s UpFirst the Hawaiian word “ho’okipa” was used in a news story. The word means “the art of unselfishly extending to others the best that we have to give.” That says it all.

  111. TUS has been such great resource for me in my pursuit as a person who is just dabbling at playing the Ukulele.

    I have to say that even though I am an amateur, I really appreciate the professional set-up that TUS provides with every Ukulele. It really separates them from every other supplier that I have experienced. I can not recommend them highly enough for anyone that wants a quality Ukulele at just about any price range.

    Mahalo TUS

  112. No store has the variety that TUS has and no one has their prices either! My main instrument is guitar but I have a lot of fun playing the ukulele and truly appreciate such terrific folks!

  113. I have purchased two ukulele’s from Hawaii Music Supply. The drive from town to the north shore is worth it cause their customer service is truly no ka oi.

  114. Even though I still have a LOT to learn on the ukulele. I do love that with only memorizing a few chords that I am able to strum and sing along with many songs. I own a few different brands of ukulele. My favorite being my Pono MTD that I ordered on Christmas day 2013 from this site. I have been teaching myself from videos online. I would love to take some lessons in person and visit Hawaii some day.

  115. As I live in Ireland post and package plus excise duty can be prohibitive . However I have made a few purchases here over the years and not been disappointed .

  116. Andrew and Joel were awesome to work with ! I highly recommend TUS. Setup was impeccable and service beyond words. It is refreshing to work with genuine people who really care about you. Mahalo nui loa!

  117. I’ve only been playing for 10 months and was lucky to come upon the ukulele site. I have a Kala and Pono concert ukulele. What a wonderful experience I’ve had both times, the whole process was outstanding ( ordering/setup/packaging). I’ll be back as a loyal customer!

  118. Every single day I look at your site!! Seriously, just like some people look at Facebook – The Ukulele Site is on my daily check list. Not that I am actively looking for another new Uke but on more than one occasion (three thus far) I have heard a particular Uke sound sample on your site, saw the most amazing looking instrument and – charge and send please. In fact the only “bad” Uke purchases I have ever made were purchases made elsewhere – Before I became “one of the family” which is how you eventually feel when you see all the sound samples, podcasts, lessons, set ups – you get to know all of their happy faces – It really is a go to site and when you actually make a purchase, you know, yes you know it will be set up for you exactly as you need it to be. Something many other companies simply do not do. I feel that a $1000 Uke from their site can be set up to compete with a Uke three times that price purchased elsewhere. So when you purchase the Uke of your dreams, please do not buy it elsewhere as everytime my new baby arrives, firstly I feel like I know it as I have watched the clips so often – but the test is in the playing and that is just a joy – Keep up the amazing work boys!!

  119. I live in Canada and I have purchased online seven ukuleles from HMS: three Lunas, two KoAlohas, one Kanile’a, one I’iwi. I am so pleased with the level of service this company provides. And I enjoy the many lessons available on the website.

  120. I have purchased my two most favorite ukuleles from the gang: one on line at the Ukulele Site and the other at the brick and mortar Haleiwa store. Both experiences were marvelous in every respect. Knowledgeable, talented while somewhat humble, efficient and proficient. My 2 Kanileas and the experience to get them were well worth it. I’ve left a post on Yelp and anyone who asks and wants a serious instrument, you can guess where I send them

  121. We bought the Kala Solid Rosewood Cedar Top Gloss Tenor Electric w/Comfort Edge for our daughter’s birthday as a second ukulele and she loves it! The tone, the quality of the rosewood and craftsmanship is unparalleled! You site came recommended to us from a friend who lives in Hawaii; he said nothing else would compare and he was right!

  122. I’ve purchased several ukuleles from HMS and have been pleased with each purchase. I am Stateside so it is important that you develop a relationship with a ukulele supplier that is not only reputable but also has staff committed to real customer service. Hawaiian Music Supply fits the bill perfectly. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and take the time to explain differences in the instruments. On one occasion, I bought a Kelii on MGM’s recommendation – he didn’t try to sell me on the two other more expensive Ukes that we also discussed. Since then, I developed the dreaded ukulele acquisition syndrome but that Kelii tenor remains my Go-To instrument of choice.

    When I am on Oahu, I try to stop by the shop in Haleiwa, most times, for no other reason than to see who’s there and to hang with the incredible staff. It’s a real feel good. Thank you Andrew and Team for all that you do to bring music into our lives with all the aloha that sets you apart from all the rest. Mahalo nui loa.

  123. We purchased a Kala Tenot uke from you several years ago, and it is played daily in our house. My daughter would love another thank Ukulele to call her own ❤️

  124. I normally don’t leave comments on company websites but your contest gave me an incentive. 🙂 I am admittedly an ukulele collector and have purchased 5 ukuleles from HMS. Out of several ukuleles, I still love strumming my Kala spruce top concert and Pono mahogany concert. My son also plays the ukulele so he started with an Islander tenor and now has a Cordoba. Thanks for your help and advice in purchasing the ukuleles.

  125. I got an Islander tenor, and Joel worked his magic on it and set it up so it plays pretty sweet now! He also restrung it for me and tuned it to low G. I havent found anyone else providing this kind of professional service on all their instruments for the price. I reccomend this site to anyone looking for any level quality of ukes!

  126. I love my ACACIA BARITONE DELUXE ABD. I play guitar and wanted to add the Ukulele to my collection. I love the sound… I play the same chords / fingering as my guitars but it just creates a whole new playground for me. The tone of the Pono baritone is just smooth. I play with some other Uke players now and they love the tone of mine.

  127. Actually, I don’t deserve to win, but I won’t turn it down if I do. Having a new uke might incentivize me to improve my technique.

  128. I purchased a Pono MCD from the Ukulele Site a little less than a year ago as an upgrade from a cheap Luna I had started out with. I wasn’t sure at first of the wisdom of purchasing an instrument online, but was swayed by the automatic set-up service, not to mention all the glowing reviews about the store that I read. As a beginning player, I really appreciated the advice I received from the staff, and my new baby arrived in perfect condition. Since getting it in my hot little hands, my playing has really taken off. I love the tone and playability of my uke, and obsess about practicing. But UAS is starting to work on me again. I’m in trouble now!

  129. Aloha, I have just purchased my first KoAlohas Opio Concert on October 17,2017 and what incredible instrument it is . I am at intermediate player and trying to gather all the information about care for your ukulele. The ukulele site has the most knowledgeable staff on hand. They have plenty of useful information on their website from videos. How they setting up your instrument before you receive it that’s is so awesome I have not yet come across such dedication in selling an instrument. There shipping is exactly how they describe in their packing video. Their customer service was prompt to reply to my email to questions and concerns. Other customers saying delivery time is a little bit long but ,It’s not when you’re getting excellent customer service ,quality made instruments and most of all PRIDE in what they love to do. Keep up the great work, you have a customer for life or in till you stop selling Ukulele .

  130. I am such a huge fan of The Ukulele Site and their fantastic customer service! Back in December 2016, I was looking to upgrade to a nice mid-priced tenor ukulele. I checked out all the popular online retailers, but none could compare with TUS’s impressive stock and demo videos. I was interested in four different models, so I emailed them to get their opinion on which one I should buy. To my surprise, Corey responded! I thought he was an artist who demo’d their ukes, not someone who actually worked in the store.

    Thanks to Corey, I became the proud owner of a KoAloha Tenor Acacia Opio personally picked out by him. He had even sent me photos of it before it was shipped. Beautiful to the eye (with straight grain as requested) and amazing tone and volume. However, while inspecting it for the first time, I noticed a waviness along the sides. I emailed Brian at KoAloha and attached some photos. He confirmed that there was some severe wood movement which was definitely a warranty issue. Unfortunately, their Opios were out of stock, but he assured me they would be getting some soon and would send me a replacement directly. I contacted Zach at TUS to let him know what had happened. He told me he would call Brian and make arrangements to take care of everything on his end. I again requested one that had straight grain.

    When their new shipment arrived, Zach sent me photos of the two which had the straightest grain. After I picked one, he emailed me back to tell me that, unfortunately, the one I had chosen also had some wood movement on both sides. He added that the other one had some wood movement as well but only in one spot. I wrote back asking if my first choice would still be under warranty if it collapsed down the road. While waiting for his reply, I called KoAloha and spoke with Peng. He assured me it would definitely be under warranty. He also told me that they had four in stock which were promised to other dealers, but he would let me have one of them if I wanted. I replied that because of his assurance, I would just take the one from TUS. What a great company!

    I let Zach know of my conversation with Peng, so now I just had to wait for my replacement to get set up. When I finally got my new Opio, it was even better than before! Zach had it strung with a Thomastik-Infeld CF30 low g at no charge. A perfect complement to the other strings!

    I can’t say enough good things aboutThe Ukulele Site and their customer service. I was constantly in touch with Corey at the beginning and then with Zach as they both kept me up to date with the status of my ukulele. They both went way above and beyond what I expected. I hope I have the pleasure of doing business with them many more times in the future!

  131. I can’t say enough about my experience with The Ukulele Site! A few days after my order was accepted, Zach contacted me to let me know that that particular model was oversold. He offered to send a Kala KA-FMTG spalted maple uke in it’s place, which was a REALLY nice upgrade. I was amazed when it arrived as promised–it’s beautiful, and the sound is fantastic. I used to play a guitar, and have been having a ball learning to play this sweet little uke. Mahalo, Zach!

  132. Wow I just found out about this contests. My favorite part of your site is the lessons. (Well that is not entirely true I love looking at the ukes too).

    Good luck
    and thanks for having a giveaway

  133. Love the website. Hopefully one of these days I will be able to go to Hawii to visit the store. Thanks for all you do for the ukulele community.

  134. I live in Mexico where it is hard to find quality ukuleles of any make. The Ukulele Site is the answer to my prayers. When I bought my long-neck soprano KoAlhola this year, Andrew and Joel went out of their way to make sure it would reach me during my brief stay in the US. They answered my questions, customized the uke, tweaked the shipping — everything to give me confidence and deliver a quality product. To say I am happy with my purchase and their service would be a serious understatement.

  135. Hi, from the other side of the world, from good (c)old Germany. I searched a long time for a good uke. Then I found “The Ukulele Site”. WOW! The diversity, the quality, the fair prices! But not enough: the informations, the sound examples and last but really not least the obligatory setup as well as the courtesy of the team and the uncomplicated shipping – UN-BE-LIE-VA-BLE!!! And so I got MY uke, a KALA KA-ASAC.
    Thank you so much! =)

  136. Hello All,

    About a year ago I bought the Kala KA-CEM Mahogany Uke for my fiancé as a beginners instrument and it has been absolutely fantastic. Easy to use, and easy to find music created for the Uke online. I strongly recommend this company and their creations, they know what they’re doing! Which is why we’ll be coming back for future purchases (and recommending them to anyone in search of a great Ukulele)
    -Thanks so much!

  137. Aloha All,
    I find it interesting that Pono is discontinuing the rosewood series! Over the past few years I have purchased from The Ukulele Site , a Pono Acacia-Concert and a Rosewood- Cedar Tenor, both sound and play great thanks to the attention Joel gave them before shipping out. I feel fortunate to have procured the rosewood one before they disappear as it is just a beautiful instrument! Sorry to see them go!

    One other point of interest, curious as to why in the past several months I haven’t seen any Kamaka’s for sale on your site? Hope they won’t disappear!

    Thank you for all you do to inspire and supply everyone’s ukulele passion! Your Site is invaluable to all who enjoy playing the Uke. Your team is the best! Keep up the great work!

    My best to all!

  138. One of the first ukes I got a long time ago came from elsewhere and it buzzed when played so when I wanted an 8 string I ordered it from here because of the in depth setup process and care they have for the ukes..

  139. I purchased a Pono Spruce/Mahogany Tenor in January of this year, and I’m absolutely thrilled with it! I received a nice note from Chris about the strings they had put on my uke. I had requested the HML-RW SouthCoast strings that were on the uke Aaron was playing in the video. However, those strings are no longer made. But, your setup team fashioned a set for me from two different string makers to give me the sound quality I was looking for. They sound amazing! Now, that’s what I call great customer service and attention to detail! Thank you!

  140. I love the setup that Hawaii Music Supply offers at no extra charge to every uke they sell. I purchased a Pono Spruce/Mahogany tenor, and the setup on it makes it such a joy to play! I can much more easily play barre chords on my Pono than I can on my friend’s uke, which was not setup from y’all. It makes such a difference! I’m now wanting to purchase a Pono baritone and will definitely purchase from y’all! Thanks for the great customer service!

  141. I’m still shopping and looke everyday at your site. Just can’t decide yet but I will be buying from you! You are so highly respected in the uke community

  142. I bought a Kala tenor after much research and expertise from the Ukulele Site. The set up was wonderful and the sound & service superior. Absolutely love my Uke!

  143. I was looking for a good entry-level performance ukulele for one of my students, and Pat at Kala mentioned that I ought to check out The Ukulele Site; that Kala made an exclusive model for them that might be what I wanted. I didn’t know about The Ukulele Site until then; so I called them and got some info. A few days later, I put in an online order for their exclusive model (Kala KA-ZTP-CTG-CE Cedar Ziricote Tenor Cutaway Electric).

    Everyone I spoke to at The Ukulele Site was knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful, and I’d like to thank each and everyone who helped me. But I’d especially like to thank, and commend, the following 2 employees: Kalei for his invaluable input on the model and what The Ukulele Site could do for me; and Joel (and his setup crew) for the various informative emails he sent to help me get precisely what I wanted on it (for even offering to put on the set of PhD strings I wanted if I’d mail them to him in advance)!

    Thank you so much each and every one! The ukulele arrived exactly as I wanted it, and my student is absolutely thrilled with it and the pro setup you did on it . . . and now even plays better because of it! I’m so glad I stumbled upon you guys; the whole experience was great. I will definitely be contacting The Ukulele Site the next time I’m in the market for a ukulele!

  144. The Ukulele Site and it’s reviews, with sound samples, is probably the most valuable resource available for Ukulele Players looking for their first or next ukulele.

    I’ve recommended this website to others, so many times… I’ve lost count.

    The fact that the sound samples played by Kalei, Corey and Aaron, are done using high quality microphones and equipment, without a bunch of effects that color the sound of the tone wood of the ukulele is very important to gaining an accurate sound sample of the instrument being played.

    The specifications of each ukulele is also among the most detailed and available online and is always my “go-to” site to getting the correct specs.

    Thanks to HMS, The Ukulele Site and the Ukulele Review, I have helped many friends, find the “perfect” ukulele.

  145. Thank you for continuing your long tradition of education on this site. I’ve recommend The Ukulele Site widely over the years for the tutorials—can’t wait to dive into the tabs here!

  146. I bought my awesome Kanilea Tenor Ukulele here and the service aftersales was great, since I had some questions.
    The Ukulele rings more beautiful every day and I always check the Newsletters with the new Ukulele. I am pretty sure, that I will get another one here to fit my Ukulele arsenal 🙂

  147. I am very pleased with the baritone Ukulele . Great service by Zach to deliver it to the Cruise Ship terminal in Honolulu.

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